Polar fitness test, has anyone tried it? What do the results mean and what are your results?

Has anyone tried the Polar fitness test? What are your results, age, gender, training volume and FTP? Mine 62, m 48y/o currently doing ssb1mv and latest aiftp estimate 258 (ai FTP before starting 255 and polar fitness test 50)

You mean the test you take by wearing your chest strap and pulling it up on the phone app–Polar Beat (IIRC)? The result I get corresponds very well with my Garmin V02MAXX result so I suspect that is what it is. FWIW, I think it is better than nothing and I’ve seen my results fluctuate in step with my training (Low after an extended break and then high as I get trained up).

Last time I took it I was a notch or two under elite. I can’t quite seem to push myself over that last bump, maybe this year?

Yes, I score very high (up to 62) which would put me (m48) in the elite m20-25 category, yet my ftp is quite mediocre