Poking the dead horse

I ride mountain exclusively outside. I have an older aluminum road bike set up on a kenetic rock and roll for training. I have just started training indoors again and I am having severe saddle pain around 45 minutes in. I had a bike fit on the road bike a little over a year ago. I really don’t know where to start as the road bike is a different animal from what I am use to. I can ride all day on the mtb without issues.

The bike on the trainer is absolutely fixed (unless you have a rocker plate of some sort) so there’s resistance to any lateral movement you make. In addition unless you exclusively ride TTs then it’s rare to be in the saddle for the entire ride.

I got the same when I started with TR again last October. It just takes time for your backside to get used to it, I still struggle a bit once the workouts get to 90mins or so. In the meantime stand up on the pedals from time to time, each recovery interval is a good place to do this, 15-20s should alleviate the soreness.

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For reference:

Depending on your weight and the preload on the rubber bushing screws, you may or may not have enough motion from the KK R&R.

But review the comments in that thread, and maybe give more detail so we can try to help.

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He mentioned a Kinetic Rock & Roll, which is the OG motion trainer, so potentially covered (depending on his setup of it).

Ah! I’m not up to speed on the features of the various smart trainers having neither the cash, nor currently the ability to buy one.

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same saddle? It could be as simple as that.

You can also put the MTB on the trainer. I think there are thru axle adapters that’ll work with the clamping mechanism.

A new rear wheel, with a slick tire will do just fine. It’s easiest to build your own, but I’m sure you can find a build somewhere as well.

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I have another saddle that is the same as what I am using on the mtb. I think I will try it on the next ride. As for running the mtb on the trainer, it would be too time consuming to be practical for me at this time.