Indoor Vs Outdoor saddle fit

October 1st I stared with TR on a wahoo snap. Many Saddles later I was fit for a Shimano Stealth. I’m happy perched on the saddle when on the road but on the trainer I cant go more than an hour before I have to get off and walk around. when I did the TR workout Longfellow. I had to get off the bike several times. The problem I’m having is blood flow. Not so much that I get pins and needles but enough that I get a noticeable sore/numbness. I tried pushing threw it hoping I would adapt but I’m not.

Is this typical if so what do you do? I have a fit that I can ride for all day adventures outside. But an hour and a half indoors leaves me feeling like I need new gear and another bike fit. Suggestions? I’m on the general build mid volume at the moment. I would move my trining to outdoors but its snowing and raining until spring plus its been super nice to hop on the bike before I go to work and get a good workout in a shorter amount of time.

Pretty common issue.

Take a look at Rocker Plates. I ordered a Saris MP1 but it’s currently backordered, ETA February. A lot of folks including myself will report back on it in a few months.

Also try raising your front wheel 1-2". It kind of simulates with the wind lifting your torso up a bit. Thanks to @mcneese.chad for this tip, as well as his forum/blog posts on rocker plates.

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You move more on your saddle when you are outside. Stoplights, stop signs etc all cause us to stop and get off the saddle. Inside on the trainer unless you consciously move you tend to sit on one spot for a substantially longer time period then when you are outside.

The other item is are you sitting differently inside vs out?

As what to do? Consciously move even if it is just to stretch after an interval. I notice more heat at the seat level unless I had one fan adjusted to have some airflow at the seat level. I do find it just takes time to adapt inside.

As an aside I recently switched from a Kickr snap to a Tacx Neo 2 and have noticed there is a lot more play on the Neo which make the riding easier on the seat issue. The Kickr snap is extremely solid which means there is essentially zero movement unless you consciously move.

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The only solution I have found is to use my flatbar 1x commuter (which has a more upright position) as my indoor training bike.

Better for lower back too (again, this moves during outdoor rides but not indoors)