Podcast on itunes (UK) - something going on?

Dunno if it’s me, but for the last couple of weeks, I can’t get the podcast anymore - it pops up in the list, but permanently gives a ‘this podcast is temporarily unavailable’ message. Current and going back to previous podcasts from wayback that I’ve already listened to…

Not sure if it’s geo specific, or me specific; all my other podcasts work fine, had to use spotify to listen.

(iphone, podcast app).


I am in the UK too, same set up iTunes on an iPhone and I have not experienced any issues (fingers crossed) - just tried this week’s podcast and it seems ok.

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I use Downcast. No issues here.

I’ve had this issue, just thought it was my phone. Moved over to listening to it on Spotify.

Same problem here (also UK) but only since episode 200…

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Same problem with me in the UK. If I download and save it over wifi I can get it to work but if I try and listen to it over mobile data it gives me the same error message as you’re getting.

working fine for me in the UK - iphone, latest firmware, mobile data ?

All of the above… and every other podcast I listen to has no problem. It’s an odd one for sure.