Podcast - iPhone has suddenly downloaded 31 old episodes?

Anyone else got this problem. I have the podcast on my iPhone, subscribed and set to auto-download. Just opened the app today and there are 31 random episodes downloaded going back to episode 58 in 2016 - all of which I’ve listened to :slight_smile:

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Now this would be one hell of a feature: if you fail a TR workout, or your HR is high/low, or you go too hard on a rest day, or make any kind of mistake, it automatically downloads the podcast you need to listen to…


Interesting… I went to check and noticed I had 34 episodes labeled as “new” as well. 4 of them are new and I had not listened yet (from the last month or so), but I think most of the rest I had listened to and seemed randomly old.

Yeah, I think it’s a new feature, called Pod Builder, where if TR notices you have deficiencies in your workout completion accuracy then it creates a series of Pods to correct that.

They recently incorporated some new features into Pod Builder and I’ve got one called Beers with Chad scheduled on a Friday…

Disclaimer: this is all made up.
I don’t actually know why that’s happened. Enjoy!

They changed servers. I deleted the entire podcast since I was all caught up, then resubscribed so I get all future episodes.


Alternative solution if you have a Mac - open the podcast app and it allows you to select multiple episodes and re-mark them as played. Whereas the iOS app requires you to do it one at a time

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I’m using Castbox to listen to the podcast and since yesterday the app displays 2 “seasons” with some of the interviews tagged as season two. The really bad thing though: This change somehow triggered the app to “forget” all information about which episodes I already listened to (80%-90%)… I’m pretty upset right now…

It did happen to me yesterday with Podcast Addict app for Android :frowning: