Successful athletes podcast and pocketcast app

Since a couple of weeks the new successful athletes podcast episodes don’t show up in the pocketcast app anymore. I thought there were no new episodes but just noticed they still get posted on YouTube. Any idea why that is?

I haven’t seen any in the Apple podcasts lately either.

The last one I have in my feed is from February 8.

SAP #38 is the latest on the Apple Podcast app as of 1615 EST. Looking at the Youtube channel, it appears that episode #39 was posted last week and none has been posted for this week. As best I can tell SAP #39 isn’t showing up on any of the podcast services listed at (The only one I couldn’t check is Stitcher.)

Maybe @Jonathan or @IvyAudrain can help.

Jonathan is looking into this now! Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

Fixed, thanks!!! Quick work!!

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@IvyAudrain , @Jonathan , Science of Getting Faster Podcast #4 also isn’t showing up in Apple Podcast app. Not sure about the other services. Thanks in advance!


Fixed, thanks!

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