How did TrainerRoad get started?

I dont think I have ever seen anything online or missed it but was wondering about the TR story?

A couple of questions that I have among many others but want to keep it short. If this is online or in the podcast please let me know as I am interested.

How did you all meet and how did you get started?
Was it always called trainerroad and why? If not what was the original name?
If you could go back to the very start what of anything would you change?

Great product, service, blog and podcast. All around first class. @Nate_Pearson @Bryce


It is mentioned in various podcasts, not sure they will be easy to find as they come up as sides to particular discussion.

Short story from my memory:

  1. Nate started taking indoor cycling classes from Chad, in Reno at his studio (Indoor Power? or something like that).
  2. Nate loved the classes and got faster, but was looking to save money. So he decided to write an app to run cycling workouts.
  3. Nate wrote the app on the side while still at his regular programming gig (IGT, a Fortune 500 slot machine company). He buried himself in it so much that he effectively bailed on training.
  4. At some point (not sure when) Nate decided that he needed workouts and training plans for the app, and joined forces with Chad.

There is an early post on DCRainmaker’s site that is around the original release time.


Thanks and that is helpful.

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This is accurate. I was working at IGT (Fortune 500 slot machine company) making executive dashboards.


How did @Jonathan fall into the mix?

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@Nate_Pearson - Interesting - I know a few past GTECH (owned by IGT here in RI) network/software types that left that industry, they weren’t happy with their health.

Nate how can I win at slot machines if I come to the states again? Did you programme in a back door oceans 11 style?


Now that article is a blast from the past! That was actually my first introduction to TR… look at those graphics!!! Man have they come a long way… @Nate_Pearson you’ve got a lot to be proud of there buddy! You and your team do great work!


I’ve been using my phone for so long that I forgot TR used to dock like that.

@Nate_Pearson any chance we could have the phone app run in split screen on devices that support it???


You can already do this, runs stable on my Samsung Tab 2 in landscape, have TrainerRoad on the left taking up 1/4 of the screen and YouTube the other 3/4. Works a treat. :sunglasses: I tried this also on my wife’s Galaxy S8, works also, but 50/50 split only.

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Nice. I dont think my Oneplus 3 supports it but have a new phone arriving today that should. I’ll give it a try!

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Just be wary though, split your screen first and set it up before you start your workout on TR, as once I went from full screen to split screen, and the app crapped itself and didn’t save my ride.


I think OP 3 does support a split screen function.

@Nate_Pearson has mentioned in one of the podcasts a little about what it required to start developing this product, i.e. working early mornings, lunch breaks, post-work while having an infant, too. Of course sacrificing bike training. It’s an inspiring amount of hustle.


Did this get answered, not sure but they were at a conference and @Jonathan was their as well. he wanted to make an app for motocross. Kind of like TR for MX. But couldn’t code. And now we have TrainerRoad.

@Jonathan I have a Q for you. How good were you at MX and do you still ride?

Oops, sorry, I did not realize this was such an old thread, and can’t remember how I got here. :joy: Definitely got a case of shelter-in-place cabin fever.


Not a problem. You probably got here from a link to it I shared earlier this week, for a person who asked for info about them in the AACC Podcast category.

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He was pro, but pro was hard for him. He doesn’t ride anymore.


I remember those days. Back then the plans were a pdf to download and load the workout each day. They were printed out on my fridge and I’d cross them off as I went through the plans. Halcyon days.

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