POC Ventral Air Spin fit advice

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I note from the helmet threads that there are a few POC Ventral Air Spin owners on the TR forums. I’m currently trying lots of helmets which I’m having to order online due to lack of available LBS options. I have already sent 3 back with at least 2 others to also go back. Having to return them is becoming a bit tiresome! I really like the build quality and feel of the POC and the reviews wax lyrical about comfort and ventilation. My only issue is that I’m wondering if I’m between sizes. Please see pictures of me wearing the small and medium. I think the small looks too small even though my head fits in it and I still needed to tighten the dial for a secure fit. The medium feels more naturally the right size but I have to dial the rathet almost all the way to ensure no movement. Can you give me your opinions as to whether the small or medium look like a decent fit? For info my head measures 56cm so I should fall in the medium size listed at 54-59cm. The small is 50-56cms.

![image|375x500](upload://epUrY2jzOpvncQjinwAykE7eod8.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://mYPOBFL8go2Vu5ft06QKGFIGrFs.jpeg)
One further pic with glasses which is also medium

Many thanks for the advice. I need closure as I’m getting paralysis by analysis and my wife is starting to raise her eyebrows at the number of bike helmets on the spare bed!


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Medium, which will also allow for a beanie if it gets cold where you are,…the small looks, well small for you.

I’ve a Ventral Spin (not the Air version) in small, and at first I was surprised as to how high it sits on my head. I have a Smith helmet in Medium, so was a bit hesitant about a Small (54-55cm head) I’ve used it all season now and I’m blown away as to the comfort. Size small does sit a bit lower on my head than it seems to on your head, but I do have to tighten it approximately the same as you described. I’d be a bit wary about having to tighter the ratchet all the way on a medium …

I do wish I had the Air version as I find sweat pools in the forehead area and can drip, but I think a good part of that is to do with my extreme sweat rate and lack of ventilation around glasses.

Did you check the setting of the tabs on the interior top back of the helmet? That might even out the S / M fit.

Just be sure you have enough room for a hat.

Yes, I’ve tried all 3 positions. Doesn’t seem to make a massive difference but prefer the position that allows the cradle to sit lower. Also helps to keep ear straps below the ear.

I think I’ve definitely dismissed the small as too small. Just wondering whether the medium is too big or whether it looks and feels Ok. Helmets must be the worst buying process for bike gear!

I’ve got the Ventral Air Spin and use a medium. To me the Medium looks like the right fit for you from the photos.

It’s a great helmet and super versatile. Used it at Leadville and for other XC riding, but usually the helmet I grab for any long ride.

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I’d go M for the side coverage.

Or S if you get the higher coverage Octal X model or want to be more aero.

Try ordering a Scott Centric Small. Same fit and qualities, but slightly deeper IIRC

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Yup, medium, small is, well, too small. Like others have said, you want the larger coverage and the extra space for a skull cap and the like.

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Definitely the medium. You’re right dead center of their measurements, whereas with the small, you’re on the extreme end. It also looks better.

Definitely go with the medium. I had an Omni air spin which is the same shape helmet and was between medium and large, the medium fit but was higher up my forehead like the small is on you. The large fit amazingly well until a small crash killed the helmet.

I just got a large ventral air spin through pocs crash replacement (amazing discount and customer service) fits identical to the Omni, plus with the medium you can get a hat under there as well.

Medium. They’re a bit of a chunky looking helmet at the best of times.
I love my POC helmets. They’re expensive no doubt.

You can try pushing on the helmet from different directions with an open palm to roughly see what will happen while hitting the deck. The shell should shift a bit IME.
IME it will twist under your temple area and squish once the weight of your body drives your shoulder and head into the ground. As long as the harness/straps stop it rolling off you’ll get the protection you paid for during the initial impact.
This goes for any bicycle helmet.

POC from my childhood. So aero.

Nobody wore them.

Just a side note, these helmets went through a massive test in Sweden and came out quite poorly both in horizontal as well as angled drop tests. Like bottom of the list. Surely you should wear something you like but from a safety point of view they aren’t good (contrary to POC’s mission statement).

Some (road specific) models which performed very well

Bontrager Specter Wavecel
Giro Aether MIPS
Specialized Align II MIPS

Good luck w your helmet choice :slight_smile:

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That’s disappointing to hear. With their collaboration with Volvo and the fact that this helmet gives the head more coverage I would have hoped for the opposite!

Do you have any link you can share to the tests?



I’m sure it’s better than many other helmets out there. Some brands did a thing out of this test to boost their models which received favorable ratings. From what I’ve heard POC will phase out SPIN and go toward MIPS. Don’t know if it’s due to legal or quality considerations.

Here’s the test, performed by a Swedish insurance company and a testing lab. The video breaks down visually how the drop tests simulate brain damage and concussions, and the text might be readable through google translate.

The helmet I’m using is part of the test and was rated 3/5. Whenever it’s time to change I’ll probably look to get one of the 5/5 models.

If you’re referring to the Trek testing, it was discredited and they removed those claims from their marketing. The Trek WaveCel Helmet Lawsuit, Explained - Outside Online

If you’re referring to the Virginia Tech testing, POC scored very high (some above Bontrager) Bicycle Helmet Ratings

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The problem with these tests is that they are specific to the head shape you insert into the helmet and the forces/directions tested at. They also test impacts in one dimension, when you usually have compound movement in most events. This test, for example, had an impact right on the top of the head and the forehead - who’s ever taken a bike hit there? This test didn’t even measure side impacts, which I’d guess are more common in road cycling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fswH5ku-NQE

Tour int, and a few of the other German mags, and Virginia Tech do non-certification orientated testing, so those tests provide some different insights like other impact testing, aero (wind noise consideration, too), etc. Test Rennrad-Helme: Teuer gegen günstig - 26 Helme im Vergleich | TOUR

There’s probably only 3-4 helmet manufacturers out there, the differences are where certain features are placed. The Poc Omne Air and the Oakley Aro3 helmets are made in the same factory, have a lot in common, but they separated by 20% in this test. In any case, the helmets move around quite a bit in the rankings. CyclingTips had a great podcast with the Kali helmets founder on this topic. https://cyclingtips.com/2020/04/nerd-alert-podcast-the-golden-age-of-helmets-and-chain-lube/

To echo CT’s point, get a helmet from someone you trust, that you like, that has the rotational impact features (Spin, MIPS), that allows you to itch your head,etc. I looked at the results from multiple tests - POC, Bell, Specialized, Scott, Lazer, Giro all usually test well (Kask, MET, Abus haven’t tested well recently). The Euro helmets (ATSM only) helmet are better of concussion protection vs the US (CPSC) standard which has high impact energy and is more of a “don’t crack the head open ever” test. I have a Scott and POC helmet that (i believe) are euro rated.

That‘s a galling oversight. Not just in road cycling, also offroad. My mom worked in an orthopedic clinic for many years, and she told me that side of head + shoulder + opposite arm is an extremely common pattern. Indeed, I did experiment that twice.

IMHO one of the biggest issues with helmets is fit. I don‘t know why, but POC helmets (I have an Octal and an Octal X with MIPS (I think, it was their mountain bike helmet). The fit is amazing for both. I literally forget sometimes to clip in the strap, because the helmet fits securely on my head as-is. Plus, they include spare padding.