POC Ventral Spin for a 61 cm oval head

Hi - I have a 60 cm oval head. Can anyone advise if the POC Ventral Spin (L) will fit my head? Helmets such as the Kask will not fit, as they are more round than oval. I did read on this site that the POC Octal will fit, however, looking for more performance.

59cm long oval here. SWorks Evade (Large) is my go to. On my third one. “They” say it’s the fastest aero road helmet out there… it is definitely fast.

Team has a Kask deal but it also doesn’t work for me, just like you. Can’t even get a large Protone on my head at all. Tried one Poc on several years ago, didn’t fit. Don’t remember which one, though sorry.

The only way you’ll know for sure is by trying it on.

But yes, it’s worth a shot. A lot of helmets don’t fit me, but I’ve had good luck with my Ventral Air Spin. Other helmets that fit my big noggin are the Evade II and most helmets from Bell and Troy Lee.

Thanks much. Will give the Evade a try.

Would agree. The Evade is available in the local bike shop, so, will try one on. Not taking a chance of buying the Ventral spin on line, only to return it if too small.

It’ll fit with a hat.

Maybe look at the Scott Centric too? Should be about the same performance with more air. (as far as I can tell looking at Tour Int tests)

I use the ventral spin and have an oval 60cm head (although maybe not all oval heads are made the same?) and it fits me great. I once tried on a Kask Mojito and had to send it back because it would not fit at all…

You’ve given me some hope. Thanks!

FYI - just bought the Ventral Spin, and fits my 60 cm head perfectly. Thanks for the info.

FYI - Just bought the Ventral Spin, and fits my 60 cm head well.