POC Ventral Air Spin fit advice

That‘s a galling oversight. Not just in road cycling, also offroad. My mom worked in an orthopedic clinic for many years, and she told me that side of head + shoulder + opposite arm is an extremely common pattern. Indeed, I did experiment that twice.

IMHO one of the biggest issues with helmets is fit. I don‘t know why, but POC helmets (I have an Octal and an Octal X with MIPS (I think, it was their mountain bike helmet). The fit is amazing for both. I literally forget sometimes to clip in the strap, because the helmet fits securely on my head as-is. Plus, they include spare padding.

This test, for example, had an impact right on the top of the head and the forehead - who’s ever taken a bike hit there? This test didn’t even measure side impacts, which I’d guess are more common in road cycling.

They did in fact test side impacts, or did you refer to some other test linked above?. This video which is embedded on the site I shared above breaks down the test method in a simple way. The woman mentions how they first have applied the two tests which are used on the market to reach approval of a helmet - one which measures impact to the top of the helmet and one which measures side impact. At 00:23 she explains that in order to better reflect what actually happens during a fall from a bike, they have simulated various impacts with angled drop tests (at what seems to be different velocities). In summary: 5 different impacts of which the majority are angled impacts. Seems reasonable enough to me and sharing similarities to the Virgina Tech test which @Pbase linked to above.

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Thanks for your help, folks. I’ve dismissed the small from consideration. Just trying to decide whether the medium is a good fit as I am getting some movement when I push the helmet around and I have the cradle ratchet dialled almost all the way (about a quarter to half turn remaining). Was looking to attach a short video to show this and get some feedback but the upload function doesn’t seem to authorise the file extension. Any idea how I can do this or is it not permitted?

I am also trying the Specialized Propero 3. I also managed to try this on in a LBS and they said it was good fit. It is probably a better fit for me and the dial has plenty move turns left. The only issue is that it is completely sold out everywhere in my preferred colour (white) and is no good with docking glasses. Also looks maybe a bit dated versus the POC.

How do I determine whether too much movement is ‘too much’. Not sure whether I am overthinking this and trying to get perfection and the POC will be fine or whether I need to move on! Not easy when there is very little I can try on in person!

Also, if there are any other suggestions of other helmets to try then please let me know. I have already ruled out Lazer Genesis, Bontrager Velocis, S Works Prevail II (good fit but terrible straps) and every Giro I try doesn’t seem to work. I have an old Kask Mojito. LBS said fit on new one was OK but I wanted MIPS or SPIN and up and down cradle creates movement up the forehead for me.

Thanks again! I’m spending way too much time on this. Just want to get it sorted and move on!