POC Helmets Oval Head?

Hey Guys,

I noticed a lot of POC helmets owners here on previous threads, can anyone measure their large POC helmets from front forehead pad, to rear adjustable dial where it rests on the back of the head?

I’ve sent so many helmets back that don’t fit, as the dial is too tight at the back.

I have a long oval head shape 62cm, and currently wear a Spesh Align in XL, which gets very hot when riding uphill.

Front pad to back of adjuster is 24.5cm, I dial it inwards and have it set at 22.5cm.

Many other brands i’ve RMAd in L & XL have had less than 20cm from front to back!

Thanks for the help

PS i quite like the look of the Ventral Air Spin. and the Ventral Lite.

How about another Specialized size Large? I think they typically max out around 63 cm. I haven’t measured my head, but I have just a little bit of adjustability left (so guessing 62+ cm) in my Specialized Evade II and Echelon and they’re both great helmets.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried the entire spesh range, and they all dug in at the back. Apart from the Align XL.

Black helmet is a Ventral Spin. Lemon helmet is a new Ventral Air MIPS (which, btw, is the new MIPS Integra, which sure seems a lot like Spin). Both are size Large. Both have the dial fully expanded to the widest width.

Note that the black helmet retention system is on a setting that brings more of it outside the shell of the helmet, whereas the lemon one is on a setting that is more within the shell (see the first two pics). They both could be adjusted to the same as the other (I mention this because if a mm or two makes the difference, it may just be the need to adjust the holes the retention system is plugged into).


You can’t tell till you try to on. If you’ve got an oval head, you can almost size down on a POC. I’m outside of that helmets M range, but it just fits tight on the sides. I’d say you’re probably OK. If that fails, Lazer fits the most Oval on my square head.

On the heat, I’ve found the halo and seal between the halo and shell at the front of the helmet make the biggest difference in perceived heat.

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Thanks exactly what I was after, they look very oval indeed, and those measurements may work!

I recall an old MTB POC helmet I tried many years ago and it was round as you could get.

Apart from the padding apparently being different are they both the same helmet in terms of feel on head and size/comfort?

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thanks jfranci3, on my current spesh the halo at the front pretty much covers the lower front intake which definitely wont help!

I’m tempted to order the POC in L to try out.

Story of my life. I have a long oval head too. Spesh helmets work best for me. Kask won’t fit at all. Tried on one POC and it was bad (wasn’t a modern one like Ventral). Bontrager’s old ventilated helmet fit well, but their newer stuff not so much.

I currently roll two Evade 2s and a Prevail 2 Vent. All in large. All fit well and Evades have protected my head well in crashes.

Have heard this before but you can’t find Lazers to try on around here.

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I think MIPS must have partnered with whoever designed the POC Spin system. MIPS Integra is ALMOST identical. Spin was ahead of it’s time, which is ironic because I remember a lot of people wouldn’t buy it because it was different than the original “extegra” MIPS.

The point I was making about the retention structure being able to move is that you can make these helmets fit differently, which I think is what makes the Lemon one appear “longer”. Maybe this pic will help? See those little holes that the retention system locks into? On the Lemon one they’re near the front, which brings the dial further inside the shell of the helmet (I grew long hair and need room for it below the dial). On the Black one, I have it on the 3rd hole, which extends the dial further out of the shell (further down your neck), and I suspect that is why one is a few mm longer than the other.

Feel free to ask more questions if I can help.

Have a oval head and generally where Spec helmets, every Grio and Lazer helmet I’ve tried is a terrible fit, Okay fits were POC Kortal and Fox Speedframe Pro. Found the POC Ventral Air Spin actually had a good fit for me.

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The high end Fox MTB helmets fit me really well, too. Since I’ve found stuff that works, I don’t see much need to fuss around.

Same with SWorks shoes for me where the Torch 3.0 and 7.0 lace both work well.

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FWIW their online store advertises free shipping and free returns. Their size guide also identifies the models best suited for “oval” versus “all” heads. Their Sphere, Blade and Strada models have XL sizes for 61-64 cm head circumferences, with the latter two being for “oval” heads. They also seem to be having some kind of sale as they revamp their models.


I’ve tried loads by shopping online, but getting sick of sending them back :rofl:

Bontragers XL fit but felt very unbalanced and top heavy, not helped by the corrugated crush system they use which weighs a lot.

Giro L were all very round.

Met L were too round.

Kask L & XL were laughably small.

Lazer Vento & Strada L & XL were too small.

Abus Stormchaser XL, no where close to an XL.

Endura Helmets looked like made by kask and all very small.

Bell too small, but the XR socket spherical was the best near fit, but not perfect.

Conclusion it seems the original yellow plastic MIPS they add to all new helmets, eats into a lot of the critical last few mm/cm of headspace I need.

I read a helmet roundup which put the POC as being the most long/oval helmet so it piqued my interest!

1.29 length to width ratio :

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Ah I was thinking one was a few mm more than the other as both weren’t on the exact same setback/outwards setting.

So if you were to make the yellow and black absolute max size and furthest down back of head possible for the dial, are we still looking at 22cm for black and 23cm for yellow?

Its sounded like the Ventral Air MIPS might give me more long space, given the position of the adjustable click in points.

The new Ventral Mips and the new S-Works Prevail both have the Mips Integra. I liked the Prevail, but it does not have a sunglasses patch, which is a must have for me. You might be able to find one locally if you don’t need sunglasses storage.

This is why I keep pointing out that the old one is adjusted differently. I THINK they are both the same size, but the older (black) one is a few years old and I don’t want to risk breaking the retention tabs by checking.

Sorry i misunderstood, I read the last post as saying the click adjustment tab area was a different setup between the two helmets, as in black one had the holes more towards the front, and yellow towards the back.

Understand now regardless if I got black or yellow POC they should both offer the same front to back, as clicky holes are in fact in the same location :+1:

Don’t need sunglasses storage either, as soon as I take them off the contact lenses dry out, so they are on for the full ride :rofl:

I’m going to order one a Ventral Air MIPS and see how I get on!

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BANG! Perfect. You said it so much better than me! I just have each one in different “click holes”

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Well that table shows why I’m currently happy with my Scott helmet. I’ll have to give some POCs a try.

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I have two older POC helmets, the non-MIPS, non-SPIN versions of the Octal (the non-aero road helmet) and the Tectal (their XC/trail mountain bike helmet). These are the best fitting helmets I have ever had, it is not even close. Sometimes I forget to close my strap, because even without the strap the helmets rest comfortable and absolutely securely on my head. The Octal is super light, the Tectal obviously a bit heavier, but it really gives you additional protection. I am a huge, huge fan.

I am not sure whether I have an oval head, though :upside_down_face:

If you want, I can measure them tonight. Just note that my helmets are in a smaller size, size M, I think.

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I might be a bit late, but I’ve measured my two helmets.

First, my Tectal, size M/L (55–58 cm): 16 cm x 22 cm

My Octal is size M (54–60 cm): 15.5 cm x 21 cm

I know the measuring tape is not always quite straight and taught, but my third arm is in the shop. with the rear retention strap, I think you can accommodate more oval heads than mine.

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