Planning a multi day Bikepacking Trip with Komoot - How can I save the route while still planning?

Hey guys,

I am going on a 6-day bikeglamping trip with a friend in July through Germany.
I’m using Komoot to plan the route and have found their multi day feature quite useful.
I have the total route and when I click on “Create multi day route” it’ll let me modify each individual day’s start- and ending points and exact route. But since I cannot plann all 6 days in one go, I’d like to save the current progress and pick things up where I left them tomorrow.

However, once I click on Save it’ll create a “collection” and the whole route is divided into six individual day routes. When I then alter e.g. the ending point of day 2, it won’t have any effect on the starting point/route of day 3 since that multi-day route has already been saved and converted to six single day routes.

Am I missing something or is this simply something where Komoot still needs to improve?

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