Planned Workouts on Wahoo Bolt (Indoor Kickr)

I’m trying to push my workout to my Wahoo Bolt to ride indoors on my Wahoo Kickr. First time doing so and was able to load my Planned Workout on my Wahoo Bolt and start it up. However, i’ve noticed the training intervals were modified slightly. For example ‘Acho’ is supposed to have stepped warmup intervals of 50% FTP, 65% FTP, and finally 80% FTP before moving into the main section of the workout. When starting the ride, the Kickr sets the wattage to the average of the 3 warmup intervals and the interval time is set to the sum of the 3. So instead of stepping up wattage slowly, it starts out and holds the average wattage the entire warmup period.

Is this normal?

Yup, that is the “simplification” they apply to some workouts when pushing them to an Outdoor version. The indoors workouts often contain more intricate details, steps and such that are not practical to follow or attempt in and outdoor setting. As such, the ones that get pushed to head units are often more basic and intended to be easier to follow.


Makes sense, thanks for the reply.

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