Newbie advice - what powermeter for outdoor rides if you train indoors with a Wahoo Kickr?

Surely I am not the first one to ask, so forgive me if you have seen this question a million times before… indoors, I train on a Wahoo Kickr Core and now want to upgrade my road bike with a powermeter. 4iii and Stages seem like good value offers… what would you guys recommend with my set up? Or should I go for a different brand? Thx!

How many bikes would you like to be able to use it on? the Crank based meters(i.e. stages and 4iiii’s) are great to install and leave on a single bike(same for the more expensive spider and spindle based meters)

If you want to be able to easily move it between multiple bikes, you can’t beat pedals.(assioma’s come highly recommended.)

FYI, you can’t compare power numbers between the kickr and any kind of power meter installed on the bike.

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While I ride a Kickr indoors, I take all power from my Stages. That way all my recorded rides take power from the same place.


Thx for the swift reply. I use an older roadbike for the Wahoo and my new road bike for outdoor rides only… could use my new one only but up until now I was just too lazy installing / de-installing my new one to the Wahoo :wink: But it seems like this has some merit to it?

Consistency is an interesting point I haven’t considered yet … seems like it makes sense to not use Wahoo power data for indoor training and then data from the Powermeter for outdoor rides as they can give you different reads, do I understand that correctly? For indoor training, I can ask Trainerroad to “ignore” power data from Wahoo and just use data from the Powermeter via Powermatch, correct? Thx again.

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You can still stick with using the kickr, you just need to understand that the numbers it is using have no bearing on the numbers you will get from your installed PM. basically you would maintain a ‘Kickr FTP’ and a ‘Stages FTP’

what is your desired use of the PM for outside rides? Outdoor workouts? pacing?

Yes! After you get a power meter, you could compare it to the Kickr and see how far apart they are. My Kickr consistently reads a tiny bit higher than my Stages.

I went through a spell with a Tacx Vortex that could read 20-70 watts too high depending on various conditions. It really screwed up my training for a while. After that I decided I’d try to only use one power meter for serious training sessions.

I think the Kickr software also has a feature where you can control the trainer from a power meter. TR and Zwift can take the power from the power meter. It’s really the best way to go IMO.

^This. First 2 weeks of TR on the Suito were hell after using the Tacx!!!

And then there is the blow to the ego. I thought my 20 minute power was 300 watts. :weary:

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Yup! :rofl:

I can’t work out which is worse; trying over-unders with an FTP about 40w too high or the blow to the self-esteem…

If you go for the 4iiii you could stick the road bike on the trainer and do some comparisons. You can probably get them to line up if you desire by adjusting the left/right % slightly on the 4iiii

+1 for Stages. I have my PM paired by ANT+ to my Kickr Snap and the Kickr then pairs to TR.

Favero Assioma would be my recommendation as well if you can live with Look/Xpedo cleats. Been using them for 3 years now with very consistent results and no drop-outs - as power source on Zwift as well tough the trainer is an Elite Drivo that should be good enough already. I started with the UNO (left leg only) and upgraded to the DUO just to find out that was a waste of money, as my power distribution is pretty even.
They are supposed to work with Xpedo mountain bike pedal bodies/cleats as well, so if you are going off road that’s a pretty cool option (didn’t try it, road only for now)

I picked up a second hand pair of dial Vector 3 pedals and love them. The seller has a few more pairs. If you are interested, shoot me a message and I will pass on his information.

Sounds good. Where is that seller located?

I bought a 4iiii this summer and am very pleased with it. Very reasonably priced too!

Vector 3, decent and pretty affordable nowadays.


I´m at same situation. I have never had PM outdoors, just riding. Last October I bought Kickr Core and joined TR (I´m really happy with both), got my training to a new level. For next summer I absolutely want a power meter for outdoor training. I´m thinking between Stages L or Assioma Duo. Stages for price and as I have nice Shimano pedals already, but on another hand have read nothing but good of Assiomas…