Plan Builder Phase Question

Is there a way in Plan Builder to chose what phases you want to do? For instance, I just finished Base 1 & 2 and had planned on Sea Otter in April to be my first A race and was going to finish specialty two weeks prior. I wanted to play around in Plan Builder to add some early season races as well as a second A race in June. When I did it gave me 3 weeks of Base then 5 weeks of Build, I really dont want to repeat Base being as I just finished.

Start your plan back when you started base

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Didn’t know you could do that, will give it a try.

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Hi @craigmanning

Would be v interested to know how this worked out? Did TR let you set a start date in the past and did things line reasonably well in terms of a coherent phased plan?



Yes…it did use all the workouts I had completed and scheduled new ones for the future.

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Excellent, thanks Craig - will give that a go this evening.