Plan Builder errors on recalculating after adding new event

I was not able to get into my ‘A’ event (the Lumberjack 100) on June 20, so I deleted that event and added a local race as an ‘A’ event in it’s place (50 mile MTB race). After I click “Recalculate Plan” the site displays a blank screen with “Go Back or Contact Us” as hyperlinks in the middle of the page. Go back directs to the TR home page and Contact Us directs to support. Anyone else seeing this?

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Got the same problem, they working on an update to fix it.

Thanks for reporting this issue @doubledadster.

If you haven’t already, could you shoot us an email at Having all of our bug tracking within the support ecosystem makes it easier to track down, resolve, and communicate updates for bugs :+1:.


I did report it on Friday…and then thought I’d be smart and delete my whole plan and recreate it from the original date. Unfortunately, it put two rest weeks in a row. I adjusted the second rest week - but learned lesson number 4,235 in being patient :slight_smile:

Thank you!