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I’m resubscribing to TrainerRoad in the next couple of weeks and just had a quick question on Plan Builder. If I choose a Low Volume plan, it gives me 2x60-75min workouts and 1x90-120min workout.

As it goes, I want to keep the midweek workouts to <=60mins during the week and the longer workout I want to keep at 120mins when I have more time at the weekend, which will give me 4hours per week consistently.

Is there any way of automatically adjusting this within plan builder, or do I have to manually swap the workouts each week? If the latter, what is the best way to do this? I know there are shorter versions of each workout, but they don’t always have the right level of TSS (greater than last week’s and less than next week’s).

Any advice/experiences would be appreciated.


No, no way to automatically do this.

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There has been mention of plan builder updates to allow customisation of days per week and max training times but nothing yet.

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This, IMO, is a big flaw in plan builder. Changing days around on a plan is easier but for TR to be more effective, I think you need to be able to give available time as well as day. Even if it’s just selecting a plus or minus version of the same workout.

p.s. the plus/minus version of a workout is probably the way to manually do it btw


Cheers for the replies, sounds like I’ll be making do with manual amendments then.

Totally agree, if you could set parameters for duration on Plan Builder that would be massively helpful for people who want to maximise progression within a specific number of hours.

You can choose the workout days in the plan builder. That way you can select shorter workouts midweek and longer workouts in the weekend but you may still want to do some fine tuning manually.

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Here is the related Feature Request:


Thanks :+1:

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