PL increase - how does it work?

I’ve seen some PL changes over recent workouts, but I’m wondering what happens if the planned workout value is lower than my current PL value. For example, if my endurance PL is 1.9 and my planned workout is 1.1 - will this result in an increase if completed correctly?

If it doesn’t result in an increase, should I be aiming to complete workouts that continually improve the PL or should you be doing workouts that are around your current PL figure and only rarely pushing for a PL increase?

Sorry, fairly new to TR and trying to understand the benefits of certain rides over others.


Your PL level will only increase if you complete a workout at a higher level than you are currently.

You will see that the workouts will also be labelled “achievable” “productive” “stretch” for example to help guide you.

You will usually be best served by doing “productive” workouts.

Have you seen the “train now” feature yet? That sounds like it would be perfect for you if you are not currently following a plan.


Thanks for the reply.

I have seen the train now feature and I am following a training plan. I guess if I’m following a plan I should just be sticking to it and being honest about how it felt. After an ‘easy’ session yesterday it appears to have updated a later session this week to a much harder workout.

I was just interested. After some PL increases, today’s session is now at the same level as my PL for SST. I guess this is normal, can’t expect to make significant improvements every single ride.

I expect for me, personally, it’s also a case of not getting fixated on the numbers and focusing on setting the time aside. Get the workout done and see adaptations along the way. Nothing is going to change over night and all that.

Sometimes it’s remarkable how much I want to say “easy” when it didn’t feel easy. I did a recovery workout today and my pride was hurt clicking “moderate”. Madness. :sweat_smile:

Good luck.


Yes, you can’t set a PR on every workout. A lot of training is just endurance volume.


@kevistraining nailed it for you here!

I wanted to add that some sessions are meant to be “Achievable” instead of “Productive” in your plan. As you said, we can’t keep pushing things forward with every workout, and some training days are meant to maintain what you’ve built up.

I also like your comment on not getting too caught up in the numbers – they’re certainly helpful tools to inform your training and help you see how you’re progressing, but time and consistency are also important points to keep in mind!

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Yep. I know from listening to John on the podcast that any time you need to reduce the level or skip an interval that you need to mark it as very hard. Based on that I’ve been trying to be honest about it - but also like to check easy as often as I can!