Pirrelli Throws Down the Gauntlet: Pretty Fast and VERY Durable Gravel/All-Road Tire


Better puncture resistance than Gatorskins with an actual respectable rolling resistance. I’m really curious about how the 32’s or 35’s would work on my Gravel Worlds set up.

I just picked up a pair of these in 28mm and put them on my Tarmac in tubeless form. I haven’t been able to get a proper ride on them yet, so I can’t comment on ride quality on how they roll, BUT, they have been holding air better than any other tubeless road tire that I’ve ever used.

I was also able to get them on sale for $50 each.

I’ll report back once I get some rides on them.

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I don’t think you’ll need a crazy amount of puncture protection for Gravel Worlds. I live in Omaha and the extra light version of Compass Bon Jon Passes I’ve been using have worked with very minimal flatting on the gravel around here. I’ve only had two flats and one was a giant nail I picked up that no tire was going to hold up against. The other flat sealed right up after I put air back in the tire. Those fared very well at last year’s GWs too.

Still, if these Pirellis really roll that well too, the extra insurance against a flat could be very well worth it. I’m probably going to need to replace those Compass tires soon. Hmm…

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Hey, I’m in Omaha too. I currently run Kenda Flintridge Pros on my gravel bike. They roll pretty fast, but I’ve felt like I could go to a slick without huge issues around here.

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I’ve been selling these for about 2 months, after looking for the ‘do it all’ tubeless tyre option for 3 years! The Schwalbe Pro One sticks to the road like glue, but slices easily which isn’t ideal for our Scottish roads. The Vittoria Corsa Speed is amazingly fast but disintegrates if you use it on anything but race day on good roads. Maxxis Padrone, bombproof but hard compound, terrible in the wet.

The Goodyear Eagle came close but was a bit draggy…

The Pirelli Cinturato appears to be ‘the one’… Fits relatively easily, inflates well, grips well, rolls nicely and I’ve not had a single customer back yet with a puncture. Seems a brilliant road tubeless tyre!

Scottish ‘gravel’ riding requires something more gnarly though, so I still dig the Panaracer GravelKing SK 38mm’s for that.


No kidding? There’s not that many of us around here. I bet we know who each other are already! Travis Loewens here. I ride with Omaha Velo.

I agree that a slick works just fine on the gravel around here most of the time. I don’t love the shape of the Compass tire very much though. Feels a bit unstable in deeper and/or faster gravel. But it does feel fast in most other conditions!! I’ve thought about running a knobbier tire but I really like how fast the Compass is.