Ultegra chainring combo question

So I just got the Stages Gen 3 , 50/34 Ultegra R8000, dual sided power meter for my current 46/36 Ultegra 6800 equipped bike.

My question is can I swap the 46/36 6800 chainrings over to the 50/34 R8000? Both cranks are 4 bolt bcd 110 and the new R8000 is offered in 46/36 , but Stages doesn’t put the meter on the 46/36.


Chain rings should be interchangeable, make sure to keep the crank arm marks lined up with the crank arm since their are certain combos and gates built into the different sets of chain rings. May need to lower front derailleur some.

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Agreed the chainrings will be fine. Different color is all. I have the same setup on a bike. I’d bet you won’t even have to drop the derailleur.

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Read this: https://support.stagescycling.com/en/support/solutions/articles/11000046100-which-chainrings-are-compatible-with-stages-power-r-and-stages-power-lr-power-meters-

You might want to drop Stages support a note.

With all the flat riding around here I bought the 53/39 Gen3 and needed to move derailleur up. Decided to upgrade front derailleur to 8000 because I’ve had annoying issues with Ultegra 6800 running 11-32 cassette on a Trek Domane with 12x142 thru-axle disc wheels. Am planning on switching back to 50/34 for any major climbing rides.

Thanks I’m still thinking on it. I cancelled my order.
I love my compact 46/36 and only rarely do I find the need for a 50 plus front ring for my riding up here in the mountains. It’s my cx backup bike so that’s a concern. for Cx no way will I use the 50. But it’s also my main road riding training and gravel racing bike.

What I learned is that the 6800 46/36 chainrings are not be forward compatible with the R8000 crankset . So I either invest in R8000 46/36 rings , @ about 180 bucks all together, or go with the r8000 stages 50/34, get a new chain and raise my front mech.

So now that I know that, since I love my 46/36 compact so much…I’m thinking of sending in the cranks to Pioneer and get the dual sided from them installed. About 400$ Cheaper. But I need to research the Pioneer system.