Pinky toe numbness

Anyone ever experience this? Started getting this the past couple of months. Haven’t figured out how to address it just yet.

It’s a relatively common issue in fitting. Causes are numerous and include these and more:

  • Shoe changes (tighter or wrong shape), arch support (or lack of), cleat position (fore-aft, rotation, lateral spacing), shoe/cleat wedges (to alter angle of foot or forefoot on the pedal), saddle height and likely more… but those are some of the main points to consider.

Best to start with noting any changes you had recently or since you started to develop the issue.

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Shoes might be too tight or your position on the bike could be off

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Thanks for the quick replies. I found some other info on the forum. I might have a tailor bunion that needs some addressing. Going to see a podiatrist.

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