Pinarello Prince 2021


what do you guys think of the new Pinarello Prince? Seems like there is not a lot of info, ride experience etc. around. Anyone already bought or rode one?


I’m riding a Dogma F12 and my old bike was a prince from 2009. The quality hasn’t changed, still super fast and yet comfortable at the same time. Not the lightest frames in the world but super strong.

Personal opinion of course but they are possibly the nicest looking frames around. Just my opinion!

I have seen a few Prince’s around where I live but they are still quite exclusive.

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I rode a 2019 Prince, was verrrryy heavy bike. Solid handler though.

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Thanks for the input! They absolutely look amazing. Do you rember how much your old Prince weigh? Was it a FX?

Not sure what it weights. It’s now on my trainer and has over 16,000km logged. Pretty sure it will last forever. I had a Colnago C50 before that and sadly it got damaged by a car. I was worried that anything would feel like a downgrade but the Prince never felt like second best.

Obviously I’m a pinarello fan but they are great bikes.

I have a 2021 pinarello prince T700 (not the fx) in a size 56.
It weighed 18.2lbs assembled out of the box without pedals. This includes the fulcrum 5 wheels, 25c tires with tubes, and the saddle. I compared it’s weight with my 2019 specialized tarmac comp disc in size 58, and the pinarello is about .5lbs heavier. The weight of the bike as it sits now (how I am riding it) is 19.6lbs, which includes my 50mm prime wheels (1750 grams), schwalbe pro one tubeless 25c with sealant, look keo blade pedals, selle italia slr s3 saddle, and small under saddle tool kit. My tarmac weighed 19.2lbs with the same parts on it (except the saddle was a romin evo, slightly heavier than the selle)
WIth that said, I do love the prince and it is my first pinarello. The geometry of the 2021 prince is what I was looking for, as the redesign of the prince for 2021 was based upon the dogma geometry but with a taller stack and a shorter reach.
My 58 tarmac stack is good for my build, but for my long legs/short torso the reach was a little more than I liked even with a shorter 100mm stem. The 56 prince is great, as the stack was only 5mm shorter than my tarmac, and the reach is 14mm shorter. Fits me great without having an absurd saddle to bar drop I would have on most 56 frames with a 79cm saddle height. The stock stem (aero proprietary assembly and is very well designed) is 100mm which is perfect for me with the shorter reach.
My prince came with a mid compact 52/36 chain ring setup with 172.5 cranks (even though they advertised a compact 50/34 setup would come on this bike). I swapped cranks with my tarmac which are 175mm, as my stages power meter is 175 (ultegra single sided.) Right now they are not available to purchase from stages (at the time I assembled this bike, approx. 4 weeks ago), I guess due to covid and similar to the bike shortage I encountered while sourcing a new bike. Otherwise I would have left the 172.5 cranks on and bought a new meter.

Bike handles really well, especially on fast downhill runs. I feel more planted and confident on this bike. The Di2 it came with is freaking awesome (my first time with electronic shifting). It just makes shifting super easy and quick. Climbing is good, but could be better with the right wheelset I guess. I cannot tell a difference from my tarmac, but I am using the same 1750 gram 50mm prime clinchers and schwalbe pro one tubeless 25c tires with sealant. I am currently looking at buying another budget set of carbon wheels that are 250 grams or so lighter. Not for the climbing aspect, but more for the overall weight and improved aero, with wheels in a 50/60 setup or 55’s.
This bike looks really good and gets compliments on every group ride or sometimes just while mounted to my cars roof, LOL ( especially in the steel blue color with my budget prime aero wheels).
I do not feel the weight difference when compared to my tarmac while riding. If anything, I’d say I feel slightly faster given the more appropriate geometry for my build and ability to maintain a better aero position. Riding in the drops or bending my elbows more while on the hoods is easier and not as uncomfortable as it was on the tarmac.
I paid 5500 bucks for it, and I feel it is a little overpriced and your paying more for the name on the down tube, but it is a great bike and I like it more every time I throw a leg over it.
My first choice while looking at bikes was the sl7 tarmac, but the geometry in a 58 is the exact same as the one I am retiring, and a 56 stack is just way too low for me, even with all the spacers. Also the reach wasn’t much shorter than the 58. I really like the new sl7 but it just wont fit. I had to talk myself out of the 56, as my local shop actually had this one in stock.
Next was the new aeroad from canyon, as you get alot for the money and the new geometry stack is a just a little higher than the older aeroad. But, I never found it to be in stock, and I didn’t want to wait months.
Also the Cervelo caledonia 5 was on my list, but same issue with no availability.
I bought the last available pinarello prince in my size online at r&a cycles in NY. It showed up at my door 8 days later in a box. Assembly wasn’t too bad, just no instructions (though not really needed, except with the proprietary aero stem and spacers. Still was pretty easy, but you want to make sure you understand how the 2 part spacers interlock and the stem clamping assembly is performed using some small unlabeled parts in a bag).
I think its an awesome machine, and I highly recommend it if you can deal with an extra pound of weight when compared to similar priced bikes.