Pinarello Prince 2021


what do you guys think of the new Pinarello Prince? Seems like there is not a lot of info, ride experience etc. around. Anyone already bought or rode one?


I’m riding a Dogma F12 and my old bike was a prince from 2009. The quality hasn’t changed, still super fast and yet comfortable at the same time. Not the lightest frames in the world but super strong.

Personal opinion of course but they are possibly the nicest looking frames around. Just my opinion!

I have seen a few Prince’s around where I live but they are still quite exclusive.

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I rode a 2019 Prince, was verrrryy heavy bike. Solid handler though.

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Thanks for the input! They absolutely look amazing. Do you rember how much your old Prince weigh? Was it a FX?

Not sure what it weights. It’s now on my trainer and has over 16,000km logged. Pretty sure it will last forever. I had a Colnago C50 before that and sadly it got damaged by a car. I was worried that anything would feel like a downgrade but the Prince never felt like second best.

Obviously I’m a pinarello fan but they are great bikes.