Used Cervelo P5 help - sizing and general concern

Greetings fellows,

I have access to a cervelo P5 - Di2 - carbon Zipp wheels. for 2500 CAD. this price in Vancouver is a great deal. The wheelset alone worth 1500 CAD as used.

The main concern is the sizing. I am 5’9’ and the bike size is 51 CM. the recommended size for me is 54cm. I rode 52 road bike before and it was great fit. I have long limbs and very short torso.

I would have go and experienced the fitting, but I have fractured wrist in a bike accident a week ago and cannot ride currently.

Do you think I should risk it? because I always have the option to sell it again, possibly with a profit to spare.


FWIW… I’m 5 ft 6 in and ride a 48 cm Cervelo P3.

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that’s promising!

Does it feel ill-fitted or just right? because I always find better fitting when I go shorter than the recommended size.

thanks a lot

Have you seen the pad X/pad Y charts for the Cervelo series you’re looking at? I found those really helpful to understand the range of adjustment you’ll have assuming you already have a reference from an existing TT fit - as long as you know where you want the pads relative to ground/bottom bracket, it gives you all you need. Slowtwitch has a lot of good info on this.


It is working for me. Sometimes I think its a bit small. Other times I think it is a bit large. But I’ve ridden it a ton of kms indoor and out, including training for and participating in an ironman.

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that’s really helpful. Appreciate your input. I think I will give it a shot.

Interesting. I have seen it actually, but did not use it. but from your reasoning i think it should be helpful.

Thanks man

What year is it from? I have a cervelo P5 that I bought and built up, its a 2014 model which I think was the same until 2017.

Also will depend what bars it has on it? I have the original Aduro 3T bars and the adjustments are very, very limited, especially if the fork has already been cut for the previous owners fit.

I at 6’0, and I have a 54. It works for me, but I probably could have ridden a 56 also. I have just gone though a few months of dialing in my fit on this bike, including working with a fitter. The main challenge for me has been the front end and the limited adjustability of the bars.

I tried it now. Apparently, the 51 is better suited for me than the 54. that was a quick answer for me :smile:

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2013 model.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to professional bike fitter locally.
I have a friend who is a professional bike fitter and I just consult him over the phone about how I feel on the bike and what to do to adjust it.

I am trying my best to self-fit it.

I found the charts to be right on for me as well - fit confirmed i had a really long torso and at 5’11" I am on 56 at limit of reach, but on a 58 I’d practically be sitting on the top tube.

For what it’s worth, a lot of people on slow twitch advocate going with a P2/P3 and just do an updated base bar that will give you way more for flexibility for same $.

I just got the tririg alpha one on sale and put it on my used 2016 P3, slammed it flush, all wires/cables hidden and an incredibly adjustable monopost front end that tests as fast as a P5 and looks amazing. Massive improvement over the stock 3T bar, and still uci compliant. It’s a brilliantly designed system and takes much of the fit and sizing risk away.

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There’s a good chance it will fit. The main concern would be how much is left on the steerer and how much you’ll need. For what it’s worth, I’m 5’10" and ride a 51 P5 with the steerer cut all the way down.

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Probably I will have a similar fitting to yours. I appreciate your help, thanks a lot.

Can’t help with fit but here’s an anecdote. I found a killer deal on a hardly used Shiv that was maybe a size larger than I’d have liked. Knowing it was a great deal, I bought it, it happened to fit well enough for an IM, and then I sold it 3 years and a few scratches later at a $50 profit. Seems like you’ve stumbled upon a similar deal – I say go for it.

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Great Idea. Thanks