Pierce - Whiteface - Mitchell Progression

So I’m on week 3 of Short Power Build mid volume and managed to complete Pierce and Whiteface with only wanting to quit about half way through. These workouts were tough but I managed to finish them thanks to the long recoveries between sets.

I noticed that Pierce has changed from 2018 to incorporate longer recovery valleys and I imagine Whiteface has as well (I didn’t do it as part of my build last year). This leaves Mitchell: It appears it has not been modified to resemble the other two in terms of recovery duration. I plan on modifying the workout to the same <10 min warm up as Whiteface and increasing the recovery between sets in order to be able to finish.

Was Mitchell left out of the re-structure of the workouts? It seems it’s quite the jump from Whiteface to Mitchell given recovery is halved.

Changes explained here:

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Yup. Mitchell totally left out. All of the other plans that have this style of workout received increased rest durations with the exception of Mitchell.

I’d say Mitchell was left out.

I have short power build on my calendar for later in the season also and have noticed the same thing. Basically, I plan to see how both Pierce and Whiteface go, then decide what to do with Mitchell. The previous two are 6-min recovery valleys, where Mitchell is cut in half at 3-mins AND the work intervals are slightly longer. On the surface, that seems like a very big jump to me also - however… I did the old progression in 2017 season without issue (I did extend the break after the 4th interval in Mitchell).

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That’s my only concern with trying to do Mitchell today, unmodified… Pierce required an extra break before the last two sets and Whiteface took about an extra 30s to get myself together before finishing the last set. I don’t think I would fare well with half of the recovery and longer intervals.

If I were doing Mitchell today, unmodified, my thoughts would be:

  1. Warm up good before the work if you can, extend the warmup as much as you can, or even consider a workout like Clyde before getting into Mitchell. I’ve been playing around with this when I have time, more warmup seems to make those high IF workouts easier.
  2. Realistically, giving yourself 30s on Whiteface is nothing in the big picture. I’d keep a few backpedals in my back pocket during those rest intervals or give yourself one mid-workout (or after that 4th interval maybe?) where you extend it?

If the intervals aren’t burying you though, keep going. Some of these it feels like you don’t even know how you get through them but you keep going and get back into the work when you don’t think you can anymore, and soon enough it’s done.


Ha isn’t that the truth… Thinking there’s no way I’m going to finish and next thing I’m prepping for the final set and excited to be done. It’s incredible.


Whiteface keep kicking my proverbial. I can at times finish the third set and at others I simply can’t. Leg speed goes out the window and I’m left with no power. I’m seeing this type of riding as a weak point at which I need to work to improve. Any suggestions for workouts of a similar pattern but shorter durations, to start building towards Whiteface 5-min sets.

Resurrecting this thread to see how people got on? Planning to jump into the custom builder as I feel I’ll need the extra inter set rest that Mitchell unmod reduces vs Whiteface et al.

If I’m told to suck it up, so be it.

This year I’m planning to do short power build high volume so these are out for me and replaced with Flume/Wolfjaw/Hawk’s Bill variants