Physiology behind VO2 max workout

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I am almost certain it has been discussed, but just cannot find it… What is the physiology behind VO2 max work in building aerobic capacity? Do these belong in the list?:

  • Muscle capillarization (sp?)
  • Glycogen storage and refill capacity

anything else?


Some VO2max related discussion. Not sure if it hits your particular questions, but could be worth review:


See “TABLE 2 - EXPECTED PHYSIOLOGICAL/PERFORMANCE ADAPTATIONS…” about half way down (Level #5 is VO2 Max).


Haha thanks for the edit. Posting from my phone on the bus and was lazy to write that out more explicitly

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LOL, happy to help. I take shortcuts on mobile too, and try to come back when I have PC access. I just like giving direct connected info where possible.

I appreciate the link too. I use that same page as reference for my Google Sheet, but I have ignored that table until you posted it. I love the detail it covers and it is better than the one I have seen from FasCat Coaching (that is focused a bit more on SS).

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I am not sure about ST muscle hypertrophy though.

which part are you not sure about?

How vo2max workouts contribute to ST fiber hypertrophy. I would expect FT fibers to fatigue before ST start to sweat H+

The number of check marks indicates the amount of relative adaption that occurs. At VO2max neither ST or FT muscle fiber fatigue/HT are occuring at a signifcant rate as that isn’t the primary adaption that is occuring.