VO2 max and improve in endurance, FTP or TTE

In relation to VO2max and FTP, endurance, in which way an increase in VO2max, without altering peripheral factors, improves FTP/TTE/endurance? You always read things like “well, at the same workload you are working at a lower % of your VO2max…” but it doesn’t explain what’s going on.
I’m thinkin in an increase in O2 carrying capacity e.g. EPO, maintaining the same mitochondria and capillary density, oxidative capacity. I guess it´s something like you can send more oxygen “deeper” into the fibers, as at the end there is more “gradient” supplying it to mitochondria, that would otherwise have more limited access, and fiber can then work more aerobically at the same workrate.
Any thoughts? Thanks!

I suggest reading up on 1) John Wilson’s theories on O2 regulation of mitochondrial respiration, and 2) Peter Wagner’s analysis of the relative importance of convective O2 transport vs. diffusive O2 flux under various conditions.


Thanks a lot! Let’s take a look at that and squeeze the brain.