Phone restarts on signing in the TR app

I’m using a One Plus 7 Pro device and is on Oxygen OS Android version 11.
As soon as I sign-in the phone restarts. Are others facing any issues as such?

Fix - Factory-resetting the phone helped solve the issue. I won’t recommend doing this if you are not experienced with it, as it involves erasing out all the current data and app settings. Take a back-up before proceeding. I used the one plus switch app to take a back-up and also copied the contents of this back-up to an external hard-drive as an additional measure.

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Make sure to submit this to while you wait to see if anyone has similar experience. That will give you direct contact and responses from TR, and may get you a faster answer that waiting here.

I did seek out customer support. The agent on the chat did help me identify what could potentially be the cause for the issue. Sounded like an one off issue with my phone OS itself. There wasn’t anything specific they could suggest at the moment, hence I felt asking here on the forum.

The issue was resolved after I performed a factory-reset for the device.