Pete's amazing scale idea (7-14 day rolling average)

On the podcast today Pete mentioned a 7 day rolling average scale as a great product. There was some talk about scales which might already do this.

Does anyone know which scales are/might be capable of this?

Step on the scale daily and look at an app for averages. I feed my Fitbit scale data to Apple Health. Both Fitbit app and Apple Health app will present average for week, month, 3 months, and year (Health also provides 6 month average). And you can easily see trends.

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Sure. I think the idea would be a scale you can step on and it would show a rolling average. Not one that you have to track.

Easy for any of the scales to support it with a firmware update. Does TR finally support weight history? I’m automatically syncing Fitbit scale to TrainingPeaks and the history function is really nice.

The withings scale reports your weight when you step on it, but they send you an email weekly that provides your average and the trend from the previous week.


the second that TR supports a pull through from something like withings/garmin/etc this could be shown on your career dashboard at each log in.

I second the withings scale it’s great, the once a week average email helps. Also on the app it has a line graph of all the metrics; weight, body fat, water, muscle mass. I’m sure most metrics aren’t perfect but it’s great to see trends. The line graph helps so you see the trend you’re heading in per range of 10 pounds with weight.

trend lines are easy to get in apps. Withings even has trend lines on the scale:

I’ve had a Fitbit Aria scale for 9+ years, and it still works fine and Fitbit-TrainingPeaks have an integration that supports syncing. TrainingPeaks has my body composition data going back to 2016, the year I took up road cycling. Body composition goes well beyond weight, I’ve also been logging other measurements like waist and thigh and chest and arm sizes.

When my Fitbit scale dies I’d say the number 1 consideration is syncing. That has been the biggest pain with this scale, because Fitbit didn’t integrate with Apple Health and so for years I’ve used MyFitnessPal (free) as a workaround.

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I only step on my scale once or twice a week, so a rolling average like that wouldn’t work. But I don’t think much about the number when I do step on the scale. If I step on it 2-3 times in a row and it shows a trend, then I respond.

Personally, I don’t want to see what my weight (or other metric) is for that day. I like the idea of seeing the rolling average instead. Like it was mentioned on the podcast, it gets in my head what shows up when I get on every day. Too frustrating to see the roller coaster of my weigh in. I already look at the trends, averages, etc. but after seeing that morning’s results, it’s usually doesn’t seem to help.

I may try just not looking and waiting a few seconds before getting off. Not sure if I trust myself to not peek. :smirk:

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I like using an exponentially weighted moving average for weight. It gives more weight to the newest values but smooths out the peakiness.

Fitbit and other apps do provide rolling averages, but I think his intent was a scale that ONLY showed a rolling average, because seeing your weight on any given day is not helpful.

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Anyone know if you can get these metrics in Training Peaks? I’ve gotten my Garmin Index 2 scale to sync and I can see a graph of the stats…just not quite sure how to see an average.