Peter Stetina's Paydirt 2024

Who’s In?

I’ll be there, @Jonathan said he’s in. Should be a good time.

I’m going to be tuning up for the rest of my XCM calendar, so riding my Scalpel 2 to work on positioning for those long traverses, and trying to get over the hump on fueling. I’m actually going to sign up with a sports dietician and see if we can find out what’s missing or why things are going wrong after hour 4.

Is there a category where you get time bonuses based on how many excuses you can make for poor performance and/or complaints about missing gravel spirits?

I kid, I kid … :wink:


“I’m on an XC bike and this is just prep for another race.” That’s my excuse.

BTW … my snarky comment was aimed at Stetina, not you. Just in case that wasn’t clear. I should know better than to be sarcastic on the internet.


Welp the long course is what I signed up for and it’s gonna be a challenge for sure. XCM bike for sure since the places a gravel bike would be better aren’t timed.

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You know you’re in for a day, when @Jonathan posts this about Paydirt.
My response back was “So you need to do the TR ‘Disaster’ workout to prep for this?”
What have I gotten myself into? (I keep saying that for most of the races I’ve been entering over the last 3 years. )

Made perfect (and humorous) sense to me!

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