Pete @ Tulsa Tuff

Full article here: Tulsa Tough, scenes from Cry Baby Hill - CyclingTips


" Pete Morris muscularly thick and delcious hingquarters dissapearing into the gauntlet which gauntlet was 5000X better without the barricades."

Wow. Well, that’s a caption I didn’t expect.


And here I thought your mobile had a bad auto-correct moment…



Hard to argue with that caption!

Not sure whats worse, the caption or the fact i think i recognised that backside + long flowing locks without needing it.

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Definitely the caption.



that’s sexual harassment.

They even mentioned Thor, but not his godly locks.

lolz. looks like a good time. grammar, afterthought, haha.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 6.58.31 PM


OMG, ButcherBox guy is in the small small. Someone had better call the police.


I dont really follow crit racing but it’s kind of amazing I recognize most of the teams in that pic from 4 different parts of the country


…still laughing at “delcious hingquarters”.


I’m not sure that Coach Chad would have signed off on that shoe/sock combo… :wink:

It is. I know it’s meant to be a joke, but can you imagine the backlash if that same caption was from the women’s race. But comment on a guy’s a$$ and it’s totally ok.


This is a really common false equivalence that drives me bananas. This stuff doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If you’re going for a good-faith argument you can’t just swap the gender in a scenario like this and conclude SEE IT’S BAD unless you’re also swapping out the rest of the socio-political context.

That said it’s totally bad, and we don’t need to compare it to anything else to reach that conclusion. I’m assuming the author and Pete have a personal relationship that lets them joke around like this but I’m not into reading it from the outside :nauseated_face:


Can I just ask a (what seems to me) simple clarification? Can you explain your point in slightly simpler terms in order to further my own understanding and knowledge of the situation? Why can’t you compare the two? Whats wrong with saying "yadda yadda yadda women’s race?

Genuine quest for knowledge. Thanks!

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Sure, here ya go!


Yeah I could google it myself and its all waffle and big words :smiley:

I was hoping you’d quickly explain it in simple terms.


You and your boss are out drinking at a party.

In one situation, you make a joke about your boss not finishing your beer, which causes them to finish it when they might otherwise have stopped drinking.

In the other, it’s your boss making the joke, causing you to finish the drink.

If it’s two men, with the lower level employee making the joke, it’s probably fine.
If it’s two men, with the more senior employee making the joke, it might constitute hazing.
If it’s a man and a woman, with the man making the joke, it might constitute a hostile work environment or even sexual harassment, especially if the woman is the more junior employee.

Context and power structures matter for how people process the same words.


I don’t understand either. How is saying “there would be backlash if they said that about a woman” a false equivalence? I’d also like to understand and learn, and I mean that in the most positive way.

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Thanks, this was a great piece. Thought this was particularly apropos:

I think the false equivalence claim is there since it’s a dude writing about another dude’s ass and that is different than a dude writing about a woman’s.

I don’t agree that this is a false equivalency situation, but I think that’s the message here.


I agree.

What if the author was gay, would that make a difference then?


Just for clarity and all those posting the definitions of false equivalency, that wasn’t what I didn’t understand. I didn’t see how it made any sense as to how @ellotheth was applying it. Hence asking for clarification on their point.

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