Pete @ Tulsa Tuff

So how did @Pete actually do in the races?


I was wondering the same thing. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, How did Pete do in the race?

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“It’s harassment…can you imagine the backlash if that same caption was from the women’s race” is a rhetorical question intended to communicate either

  • there should be more backlash, because describing a man this way is the same as describing a woman this way, or
  • there should not be backlash if a woman were described this way, because describing a woman this way is the same as describing a man this way.

Neither of those is right, because in the context of Western society and culture, describing a man that way is qualitatively different from describing a woman that way. That’s the false equivalence. Swapping the gender changes the contextual interaction, and changes the harm caused.

That’s a great (and orthogonal) point, and it’s another reason swapping the gender of the person in the photo to demonstrate why the description is not ok doesn’t work.


I have faith in you :slight_smile:


I don’t see his name in the Pro/Cat 1 Men results, so I’m clearly doing something wrong, but according to the official website it’d be here:

[e] (There’s Paul Morris in the start sheet, did they get his name wrong? Or does he have a brother? Somebody make it make sense please :rofl:)


As we’re massively diluting the thread, lets continue this via PM?

Another interesting term one can Google is “sealioning”.


Yeah I ignored that bit :wink:

Thanks though :slight_smile:

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It is hard to see his number on the picture but it could be 140. That is also the number of Paul Morris in the start list. :thinking:

Paul Morris of Clif Bar Racing no less. Sounds right. DNF though :thinking:

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Yeah, I think that’s him. Either someone started drinking days early, Pete has horrible handwriting that needs a loupe to decipher, or he has a nym he uses for races. Or possibly, the registrar needs glasses.

Or maybe the photographer handled the registration. Spelling didn’t seem particularly strong in the article.

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Assuming Team CLIF Bar’s FB page is up to date there is not a Paul Morris on the team. It’s definitely a typo and its actually Pete.

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But to make things more complicated… here is the road results page for Pete Morris:

And here for Paul Morris:

Pete hasn’t raced since 2012 but Paul has ~150 races since then. Maybe Pete’s legal name is actually Paul?


I wonder if he has a sister named Mary.


It also matters if the recipient of the comment feels uncomfortable with it. Full stop, irregardless of sexuality, or context, or anything. Even familiarity with someone, can cross a line. A one time thing could be written off, but repeats, after a warning, would be harassment.


Changing directions on a thread is cool.
Learning from each other is super cool.
Being excellent to each other and attacking the idea, not person, while doing so is EXTRA cool.

Thanks for keeping this constructive debate kind. Ya’all rule. :v:


I do hope there are some internal-to-TR-only print outs taped to Pete’s desk and chair to welcome His Deliciousness when he returns home. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I noticed during the commentary on Sunday Frankie Andreu called Pete Paul. He seemed a little confused a lot of the time during commentary so I just put it down to a mistake, perhaps I did Frankie a disservice in this instance.