PET vs. FOC training

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new acronym for those who spend lots of time training in Z2:

FOC, for “focused endurance training”.

CONCLUSIONS: Focused Endurance Training obtains similar improvements than Polarized Endurance Training saving 17% of training time in recreational runners.”

So, perhaps Overton is right after all??


Frank Overton and Chad? :laughing:


Someone better tell Bernal.


You mean the guy who DNFed the TdF? :wink:

(I actually don’t think that means anything, I just liked the alliteration.)

Hm… so these guys trained about 3-3,5h per week (both before and during)… wild :rofl:
I’m not an expert but I would be willing to bet that at this “low” volume, any training is good training!

Yeah, they were recreational runners, so more limited in what they could do compared to a recreational cyclist.

Still, lots of other studies out there reporting that polarized isn’t superior after all - what caught my eye about this one was the TLA acronyms PET and especially TOC.

I’ll wait until the ‘Unified Theory of Training’ paper is published before I waste more time reading conflicting (and non-useful) research.

We can now land a rocket on a speeding asteroid so it probably shouldn’t be too long before we discover how the human body works. :+1:t2: