Persistent TR crash

New to the forum, so if this isn’t the correct place to post or the correct method to report a bug please correct me…

I’ve been using TR for about a month and a half now, every day. In that time there’s been many software updates, and I’m on the latest (MacOS v2023.26.2.259). There’s been a bug that hard crashes the software every single time, repeatedly and consistently:

I have many events (races) on my calendar, and any time I open a future event and make any change to it, to include duration, intensity, or even simply changing or adding to the Description, then save, TR prompts me to “Adapt Plan?”. The first issue is that obviously simply changing the text in the description field shouldn’t prompt an AI plan adaptation (this even happens if I select to edit the event but then don’t make any changes), but the bigger issue is that when I select “OK” I get a “Something Went Wrong, an error has occurred” prompt, and when I select “Go Back” the same thing repeats…it’s a never-ending loop and my only way out is to force close the app and restart.

This is 100% reproducible, and I seriously can’t imagine I’m the only person customer experiencing it?


You might run into someone here with a similar issue but your best bet is going to be contacting TR support directly. Email with your description of the issue above

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Hey @Velolion, it sounds like you’re running into a bug here.

If you’re using the app for this, one quick workaround worth trying would be to use the web version to see if that helps for the time being.

Also, as @trpnhntr mentioned, please reach out to us at so that we can link your account to a bug report and help get things sorted out for you.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks, guys, I have submitted the bug report to

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