Performance Is Really Bad On Old MacBook

I put in a support request about this, but I wanted to post to see if anyone has hacks in the meantime.

Performance on the latest app (2018.50.0, but really anything since November) is really bad.

I’m on a dinosaur MacBook Pro (Mid-2011). But the old app worked fine and plenty of other stuff works okay.

Anyone else have problems with the desktop software on OSX? Any hacks to get around it (Install some other runtime, re-install XCode…)

I have been running this exact same MPB (replaced hard disk with flash drive 2 years ago) with no issues.

Interesting. Mine has factory installed flash disk.

What OS version are you on?

The last one before Mojave, which mine won’t support.

I’m using a Mac Mini (mid 2011). It was the lowest spec Mac Mini when I bought it (2.3 GHz, 4 GB Ram). It’s running High Sierra now, but I can’t upgrade to Mojave because it’s not supported. TR runs fine and I’m driving 2 screens from it (TR on one screen and streaming media on the other).

Hm, maybe it is the OS version then. Looks like the TR app is Xamarin, so maybe I have a horrible Xamarin runtime or something else.

I upgraded to High Sierra and performance is better. Not great, but totally usable. Thanks all.

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Wait, you’re still able to upgrade to High Sierra? I have a 2011 iMac that’s not supported by Mojave and I didn’t try to upgrade it to Sierra or High Sierra until after Mojave came out… and I couldn’t see a way to get it (e.g. from the Mac App Store).

Check the App Store, you should be able to upgrade to the highest version that your machine can support.

There’s your problem, don’t go to the latest OS version always. Every time you do the min spec increases and demands on the laptop increases leaving less room for trainerroad or other apps to work with.

I have same MacBook Pro and I’m on an OS version that’s maybe the one they did in 2015, trainerroad runs ok plus VLC for media.


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That did it, thanks! It’s a computer that belonged to my dad and has just sat in my office since I inherited it… with High Sierra (and a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle sigh) it might turn into my trainer computer.