Performance Decline over 40?

48 and my perf has remained the same and even improved when I’ve trained more…w/kg and peak power…I still maintain time (training and recovery) is the greatest limiter most of us have regardless of age

I don’t get it.

You went through SSB, which has its fair share of pretty hard threshold workouts in there, especially the over/unders. It even has some VO2 mixed in. Surely these harder workouts should’ve given you some insight as to where your FTP currently sits… ?

Did you fail any workouts?

Lol, I started cycling at 40! First season raced Beginner/Cat 3 XC. Second season raced Sport/Cat 2. Third season started Sport/Cat 2, won my series and moved up to Expert/Cat 1. My 3 year cycling anniversary will be April 2020. Seen my FTP start from 189 and peaked this year at 300 (2.2w/kg to 3.89 w/kg). I’m new to the sport so lots of noob gains, but I expect to keep getting better as I get older in my 40s.


If you tested after 6 weeks, does that mean you only did ssb 1? A lot of people see a stagnant/decrease of ftp there.

Also, I know quite a few 40+ that keep improving year after year. 50s, yeah maybe, but 40s doesn’t seem to be a big problem, unless you’re elite level.

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@Storesund “impressed with your ability to sleep”. I use a garmin watch to track sleep. Garmin Connect says I’m in the 96th percentile for sleep. Unfortunately all other metrics are not as impressive. I like your idea for progression, I’ll probably give that a try.

@splash yes only ssb1. I didn’t realize folks might not see gains here, but I guess it makes sense.

I somehow think there is a deliberate reduction in training load in ssb1, maybe to ease people into it after off season in when they are new to TR.

The other issue is, there isn’t much “push your limits” work in ssb1, and especially not on HV I think, so that might play a role too.

@MI-XC WOW! I have been chasing 300 watts for 3-4 years. Thats impressive!

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@team_bunty I pushed right to the edge of near failure many times, but didnt have to pull the plug.

@Bigvern777 hilarious, I have neglected a big part of my training!

Hope that’s my case. -1 watt after SSBI MV.

There is hope, I did my 2 fastest 10 mile TTs aged 49 after 20 odd years of racing.

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Sounds like the test did not go that well.
Go back to the test protocol you used last time.
Absolutely no reason why you cannot improve at that young age (says a 62 year old)