Percentage of calories per meal

I’m dropping weight, in 2 weeks I’ve dropped from 94.9 to 91kg and its coming off quicker than I had anticipated. Today i feel pretty fatigued, and dont think its sustainable and my 45 minute spin today i felt rough.

At 91kg, with a 500 calorie deficit I am trying to eat: 2104 calories a day, plus I try to eat whatever I cycle…

Breakfast: 414 cal (19.6%) - Over night oats with berries and yoghurt
Lunch: 592 cal (28.1%) - chicken breast with 75g rice
Dinner: 500 cal (23.7%) - chicken breast and salad
Snacks: Rest - Fruit, Protein Shake & oat biscuits with room left over

If I’m honest, I’m struggling to eat that many calories, and when I cycle I struggle even more! My Sunday cycle was 1300 calories, Trying to eat healthy, on Sunday i had a 700 cal deficit available to eat in addition to the 500 cals defiect, but i just wasnt hungry!

I am trying to eat calories that still healthy, I could always go yam a Mcdonalds to make the numbers up.

I’m wondering if I should up the size of my breakfast?

It could probably all be a bit more. Maybe some peanut butter or granola in the oats. A bit more rice, maybe 1.25 chicken breasts instead of 1, etc. Also, how much are you eating on the bike? if you’re doing a 2 hour ride and you go from 80g/hr to 100g/hr of carbs you’ve just added 200 calories to your day.

If you are struggling to eat enough then you either have to add more calorie dense foods or space them out a bit more. so make you snacks just a bit more. Also, the more you eat more the easier it will be.

It’s hard to say looking at the breakdown, but this doesn’t seem like a carb heavy diet. If you are working lower ranges of intensity that may not be an issue, but what you may be experiencing is not just caloric deficit, but underfueling. If you have cut your carb intake, the weight loss you are seeing might be due to depleting your glucose stores, which are particularly heavy since they carry water in the molecule. If you are not replenishing your glucose stores then you may be straining on the bike because you don’t have enough accessible fuel. If you are “low” intensity and able to burn fat instead of sugar, that could be sustainable, but if you’re doing hard workouts and feel like you are hitting a wall, you may need more carbs.

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I don’t think there’s enough information to go on, here. Are you male or female? What’s your height? What’s your current weight? What’s your age?

If you aren’t hungry and that’s a new issue, you may need to consult a doctor. TBH, based on the limited information you provide, you’re in a pretty severe deficit that isn’t healthy for maintaining muscle mass. Add some chocolate milk for Carbs and a bit of protein. I agree that you need more carb in your diet.

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