Perceived rate of exertion not matching work out instructions

I completed a VO2 work out today
Taylor -2 VO2 Max 2.9 01:00:00 DURATION 73 TSS 0.86 IF®
My cadence is high around 110 during the repeated 30 sec intervals at 209 watt (I’m 53 kg) my FTP is 174. Cadence doesn’t change much in the 30 sec recoveries.
The instructions indicate I should be really feeling it - struggling to get to the last interval. But I’m not struggling.
Rated the session as hard - no adaptations suggested. Should I increase by 5% at the next VO2 session or slow my cadence to make it harder?

If it was easy then you should have rated it easy and not hard.

Are you new to structure and/or Trainerroad? Sure your FTP is correct?

Do you feel the other workouts have been accurate?

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It’s not that it was easy, it just wasn’t as hard as the instructions suggested it should be.
I have done 6 months with trainer road now and I’m used to intervals. Previous Vo2 (2020) have left me reaching for the bucket, but I think my cadence was slower back then.
My last ramp was a couple of weeks ago.
Threshold especially over unders I usually rate as very hard it’s just the VO2 which seem completely off

Vo2 max should be a struggle. Go back and retroactively rate it as easy or moderate. AT will kick in and give you a more difficult workout the next time and it’ll be closer to matching the text.

If your RPE is low on a workout, I don’t understand why you’d rate it as hard.

Thanks for your input. It wasn’t that it was easy it just wasn’t as hard as it should be, my HR didn’t get out of zone 3. I changed to moderate, no adaptation, I changed to easy and there was a small adaptation. I would only usually rate the endurance sessions as easy.

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Your understanding of the rating system is wrong. Take some time to review tge recommendations

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Have a look here - especially the stuff inside the parentheses helped me.

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Have you got ERG on? If so try turning it off and pushing a wee bit harder. If your FTP needs a bump AT and AI FTP D will sort you out down the line. Whilst power targets are great for most zones and people some folk can’t reach their true VO2 max zone which is a oxygen efficiency zone as oppose to a power zone. Kolie Moore and folk do good pieces on it .
Watts Doc #23: Training Your VO2max, and Why Not Rønnestad 30/15 Intervals - Empirical Cycling


Taylor - 2 is a 2.9 level workout.

What’s the level of next week’s VO2 workout?

IMO power is just a guide for VO2 sessions, turn erg off and push a bit harder for what’s sustainable over the whole workout.