Pec Minor Strain

Just wanting some advice,
I fell off my bike last weekend (16th March), last corner of a crit, someone cut into the inside of me on a hairpin corner, went over my handlebars, landed on my little finger which dislocated and ruptured the skin and I also fell on my shoulder which I have now realised has a bad and very uncomfortable strain on the pec minor muscle.

Was wondering if anyone else has had this kind of injury and wondering on recovery time and anything that can be done to speed up the recovery time! I can still go on the turbo fine, but the weather is starting to pick up and I want to get back outside!

I realise I won’t be able to race for a while but I can cope with that…

I went over the handlebars and landed on my shoulder once and broke my collarbone into 3 pieces. Years later I came off the MTB and landed heavily on the same shoulder, nothing broke but it felt like I bruised the collarbone and my chest was tender for a short while. Come to think of it I collided with a tree a few weeks ago and the same shoulder took the impact…

My point being there is a major nerve junction running under your collarbone so what you are experiencing as a strain could be some deeper bruising or even another injury. It could also just be a mild sprain that should clear up in 2 or 3 weeks.

I’m not a medical professional but if it was me, and I could still rotate my arm and do most things okay, then I’d just take it easy until better. If I couldn’t, or there was sharp pain, I’d be seeing some one.

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Yep that sounds an awful lot like my situation. I broke my clavicle 6 months ago too. Hoping it’ll pass quickly as I’m supposed to be going to Girona next week…!!!