Pc vs android smart trainer control

Evening all.
Has anyone experienced an issue with pc smart trainer control vs android device. Eg phone.
I have used a PC for the past few years and learnt to live with the floating power, or lagging power ramping etc. I used my android phone yesterday due to windows update taking too long, and just wanting to train, and it tracks spot on.
Tried again tody, and exactly the same thing; pc floated or lagged, android spot on. (i gave up with pc after 10 mins.
Anyone experienced this and has an ezplanation why?
Both running over bluetooth. Running Tacx Vortex wheel on smart trainer.

I have to try my work PC with native BT support instead of the BlueGiga BT dongle. I don’t think that it will change much with the lag in ramping because I think that is just the nature of the Vortex, but my Lezyne HRM randomly doesn’t connect, drops out, reads a constat value no matter what, sometimes comes back, sometimes doesn’t. It doesn’t do that with my Lezyne Macro head unit, just TR on the PC. I regularly have to reinstall the dongle and unpair/pair the HRM.

Edit: Forgot the TR only works with BLED112 dongle on the PC and won’t work with the onboard BT of my laptop.

I’d suggest contacting support@trainerroad.com so they can have a close look.

I have had a similar experience with my tacx vortex and PC. It works better with my android tablet but I put it down to poor ANT+ signal/reception between PC and trainer rather than the change of platform?

The poor reception thing was my first thought on this. Bluetooth runs over 2.4GHz frequency, which can often have a lot of interference. Sometimes even minor difference in placement can make a difference, as can the specific Bluetooth radio/antenna combo in your devices.

If you’re interested in staying on the PC, perhaps try running a usb cable with a Bluetooth dongle on the end of it, placed near your trainer. That may help a bit with signal quality.