Pancake timing?

If because of a chain of events outside of my control (:rofl::rofl::rofl:) I’m forced to eat a stack of pancakes, is it better to eat them as recovery after the workout or before to load?

I either have them with yogurt, fresh fruit and maple syrup or egg&bacon + maple syrup.

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Half before, half after!


Ahhh…the polarized approach


That’s tempting… But there is no such thing as half pancake!


There are things in life that needn’t be optimized. Pancake consumption is one.

But… I always eat mine after (usually once a week!) because I prefer to ride on a “light” stomach. Whole wheat pancakes - recovery carbs that are good for the soul!


Definitely before the ride: you’ll have a better workout, burn the carbs and continue burning fat after the workout.
Otoh if you eat them after you’ll stop fat burning from the workout in its tracks and store the whole stack in fat.
With that said we’re all different and your mileage may vary

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Only if you eat 80% before and 20% after. Or is it the other way around? :thinking:

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Now I want pandakes :cry:

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It makes sense what you are saying. I’m assuming that you leave a few hours to digest and normalize the insulin levels?

If it’s a long z2 ride I guess it doesn’t matter though

For maximum fitness gains it is very important to fuel your ride and to replenish your glycogen stores. Therefore if half pancake does not exist your only option is two pancake.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ll save that advice for disaster day!

If I’m ever to try Disaster, I’ll make sure it is pancake pay day!

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Pancakes every Saturday 3 hours before my Saturday rides here.
Need the carbs to fuel the workout.