Panaracer announces new Gravelking tire lineup for 2024

So Panaracer is releasing a new lineup of Gravelking tires on March 11. They’ve spent the last two years developing.

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Hmmmm…Needs to see rolling resistance testing first. Pretty sturdy looking knobs for my liking and typical gravel.

Looks a bit like Panaracer’s take on a Pathfinder. Need to see the RR and puncture scores on all three models though to see if they’re worth trying.

GK SK’s are the #1 tyre I see on the side of the road with punctures and sidewall slashes during events. Not sure if that’s correlation or causation though - there are probably more of that tyre in use than any other and its popularity probably means new and inexperienced riders choose it at a higher rate than other options. Also no clue which version I’m seeing cut to shreds so often.

One thing I do know is that it’s worth doing almost anything to find a different wheel to follow if I find myself behind a GK SK. Please let this new tyre be different!


The SK’s are made out of tissue paper and are prone to punctures

Please kill off the existing GK’s and their rock flicking treads once these new ties are introduced….thank you! :crazy_face:


The Gravelflings!


I’m curious to know how these stack up. I’ve never been a big fan, but I know they’re popular. I suspect that Pirelli has made a big dent in the category when they entered, along with continued development by Specialized, Schwalbe and others. This is the kind of good competition where the customer wins.

Plus, there’s enough room in my heart for the holy grail tire.

All the articles I’ve read seem to kick off by saying they’re ‘overhauling the GK range’ but then all they talk about it the one new model (and its variants). Anyone know if they’re changing materials and sizing on the other models to match the new one? Or are they just re-doing the logo on existing models?

And are they retiring any? Several of us have said how much we’d love to see the end of SK, but I can’t find anything to indicate the future of that tread one way or the other…

So all threads remain the same plus the X1.
One more casing option and the addition/replacement of materials to existing casings.
I suspect the flinging part will remain unchanged.

The SK is IMO hands down the best gravel, road, do it all tire on the planet. I got thousands of hard, beat the bleep miles out of them, even ran perfect right at the end with blisters forming,etc …any tire with any kind of tread, even these micro knobs are going to pick up small rocks, it’s called biking and it’s normal.

Punctures, cuts, etc, everyone seems to complain about?, is I suspect user/rider error. I run over everything, I put all my trust in these and they never failed me once. Only reason I didn’t put on my Roubaix is no 30mm, 35’s were just too tight but I tried, lol.

I’ll eventually put on some GK slicks once my other tires wear out. So wish these new ones would fit as Panaracer has been the only tire brand that delivers in every category.

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Looks like they make an SK in 32mm.

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Yeah, you’re right. I haven’t looked into buying tires since COVID, as everyone was aware getting anything was terribly hard, everybody was hoarding for some reason. So getting those 32’s wasn’t an option. My biggest concern nowadays is buying a tire, someone, seller, retailer saying it is new to only see it’s been sitting on a shelf for years.

It’s pretty obvious but rubber hardens, etc, and many people don’t look at that, the main reason new tires fail, is because someone was hoarding these for years,lol. Lastly I’m trying to only buy something at a good deal, the biking industry is just so corrupt on the nonsense they spew, so finding certain items is challenging.

Fwiw, I’ve noticed the slicks are much more prone to punctures than the ss and sk. I have been running the 38mm ss for gravel and commuting for many years and are very good. Have a brief year with the slick version and I was filling sealant and finding the tires at low pressures all the time