Pain has developed just above the knee

I am new to TrainerRoad but not new to using the indoor trainer. I’m currently about 4 or 5 weeks into SSB 1 mid volume.

Prior to being here I used to do 2 or 3 hours on the trainer each week, a mixture of solid interval work and recovery rides. Longest about an hour, average about 45 minutes. I would do a bit less if I did an outdoor ride or a Time Trial race at the weekend.

This is the first time I have carried out a more formal structured routine.

my 2 x 8 min minute FTP test at the start was 278 and my ramp test a week or so later was 301.

So I decided to go with 301 and see how things panned out.

Most workouts I have just about been completing, but one or two I have gone for the -1 version if I didn’t fancy being on the trainer for 1 hour 30 mins. (I have built a rocker plate and mentally I can now confront doing a bit longer on the trainer as my ass isn’t as sore).

However, this past week or so I have developed a pain just above the knees. This is mainly on the left leg, but I can almost sense the early stages on the right leg too.

My various researches suggest it may be a bit of quadriceps tendonitis.

I have checked my fit and nothing has changed from before TrainerRoad.

About 70% of my workouts are in TT position.

Whilst I can ride without too much discomfort, especially as the workout warms up, I sense that if I push it to meet some really hard efforts, I am actually doing more harm than good.

I feel really disappointed right now. I really want to get into these tougher workouts and soon get onto SSB 2 but now I feel I shouldn’t which is quite upsetting.

I don’t feel my volume has gone up that dramatically. From 2 to 3 hours per week up to approximately 5 hours per week.

What do you suggest?

My current thoughts are to treat the next week as a recovery week with just a few sessions of the very mild workouts such as Taku, Petit and Carter etc.

I recognise that I should do more off the bike exercises such as Chads 5 exercises etc. I also want to improve my flexibility, particularly in the hips.

In the past I have had knee niggles from time to time, usually at the sides, either laterally or medially, but these usually go away once I have adjusted my cleats a millimetre or two, or if I have adjusted the saddle up or fore/aft a mm or two as well.

I don’t recall ever having pain in the front quads area just above the knee joints before :frowning:

(Age: 53 - Mileage: about 2,500 to 3,000 per year. Cyclist for about 7 years).


I’d suggest this thread as a place to start


Yes, I’ve read that. There are some good exercise suggestions, but it doesn’t really cover my situation that closely.
I will be reading it again and applying some of it.

Is the pain medial or lateral? Check that your have good hip stability esp at saddle width and profile. As your putting out more power, you’re probably rocking on the saddle more and not stabilizing the hip as much. This can lead to knee pain esp in the anterior medial patellar region.

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The pain is not medial or lateral.
It is directly higher up the leg than the knee cap.
It’s about 1 inch higher than where the knee cap starts.
I think the pain started just a few days before I started to use the rocker plate, but not 100% sure.

Hi do you stretch and foam roll ? i could be that your muscles are too tense/tight and cause soreness .

I suggest not to cycle through it if it causes too much pain you could be doing more damage and be out for longer . Best to go see a doctor !

Thanks for the tip about rolling.
Regarding seeing a doctor, that’s a TOTAL waste of time in my experience for these kinds of things.

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You can only judge the pain and if it is worth cycling through it . FWIW i had knee pain due to some trigger points in the quadriceps , foam rolling and stretching helps me .

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I have on/off pain slightly above my knee caps and what helps me the most is stretching my quads and I have started to work in 2x a week low weight leg exercises and be more diligent with stretching and this has helped tremendously. I usually do my leg exercises on Tuesday and Friday. Weight is low enough that I usually have zero fatigue the next day from it. Just trying to correct some imbalances from cycling. The stretches i do are Chad’s and some
Of the stuff out of Jonathons thread. Hope some of that helps.

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Have you considered checking your saddle angle? Since you are doing TT position, maybe a slight additional downward saddle tilt may help. Perhaps even lowering the saddle 1-2 mm could even make a difference.

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It sounds like tendonitis and it’s probably due to the jump from 3 hr per week to 5 hrs of structure…and mostly sweet spot. I’ve got a similar problem and am doing eccentric single leg squats until my physical therapy appt in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know what works for me.

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whats your update on this? Suffering a bit with the same thing

Thanks for pinging me. Went to physical therapy…she said I had weak glutes. I was like…no way, I’ve got this big ol’ butt and am a time trialist! So she had me lay on my side and hold my upper leg in an abducted position. She said “hold while I push down”. Now…I’m a big strapping 6’ 4" guy and she’s like 100 pounds and with virtually 1 finger she pushed my leg down. Ok, I’m a believer.

We spent a month working on glutes and core and I feel like I’m nearly 100%. I don’t have any pain…more of a “suggestion of pain” after big rides. I’m continuing my exercises but was allowed to “graduate” after 5 sessions.

So yeah, the cause was weak glutes and I’m hoping I can keep my knees happy now!


Oh this is funny…I assumed “your update” was me LOL. Oh well, that’s what happened :slight_smile:

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