Padded Gravel Gloves

I had a Girvin Flexstem on a mountain bike back in the day. Quite different, and had its drawbacks, but I can totally believe that a modern design like that Redshift thingy could be excellent for this sort of application.

I had the Girvin as well. The two are similar only by intent. The build quality, rigidity and function are so much better with the ShockStop.

Couple that with the fact that the Girvin was a baby step in the evolution at the dawn of bike suspension, specifically MTB, and the similarities are less than the differences. The Flexstem was inadequet for the growing needs on MTB riding/racing.

With the ShockStop, they made a perfect application of the limited travel concept at exactly the place it can have the greatest impact on the rider (bad pun, but unavoidable :stuck_out_tongue: ). It is the right type and amount of movement, with the right type of damping to control the small stuff that really causes the majority of issues for many gravel riders.

Some riders don’t need it and others need more (like a Lauf or other “real” suspension fork). The great thing is that we are getting more options that can fill a wider range of rider needs. :smiley:

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It’s all just reinventing the mountain bike. Next thing will be flat bars for better control…


Please, let’s not get way off-topic and go down that road in this thread.

A “Should gravel bikes exist” discussion is it’s own can of worms.

We could, alternatively, talk about how @Brennus is a destroyer of gloves. I mean, 12 hours! I’ve had the same pair of Assos mitts for about 10 years.



I’m with you… I don’t see any reason why my gloves would last shorter with gravel. I quickly got bigger tires, started riding around 35 psi, and got a carbon short reach drop bar to help reduce the chatter after I moved to my current house and started riding gravel almost exclusively. The only reason I bought a pair of grail road gloves last year is that using my full fingered ones was a bit hotter so I wanted a fingerless pair. My spesh gloves are a lot thinner than my troy lee designs ones, but my full fingered gloves that are deteriorating have been used on a lot of gnarly trails too and usually go through a washing machine once a week since it’s pretty humid here during the summer.

Totally. It’s not like you’re actually trailing them along the ground or anything like that. I choose gloves or mitts based on weather conditions, not on what my tyres are in contact with.




For real. Just 12 hours. I mean, it was raining for a couple of hours but nothing serious. All pavement.

This is super interesting, my Giro DNDs are my absolute favorite gravel glove. No wear, lots and lots of miles :person_shrugging:

Does the stopshock have any substantial effect on bunny hop mechanics?

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Progress is not a monotonically increasing function. More like a climbing spiral mixed with Brownian motion perhaps?

I think these were bravo gel or something? So maybe that’s the difference. Either way, if they would last they would be great because the fit is excellent. Looks like you’ve got it figured out! Maybe I’m just gripping the bars too hard.

Ill bet it’s the Supacaz grit 10 sandpaper bar tape you’re using. :grin:

Not in my experience. I’m a skilled MTB, BMX and trials rider with a decent straight hop. But I only use a small bit of that on the gravel bike to clear big holes, rain ruts and such.

I’ve never had an issue doing those with the Shockstop installed. It just about hides in most use.

Do you think it could be my bar tape? I’m using the Tony Martin Super Endurance SL tape. Same compound he uses on his TT bike seat.

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Where is the Unsee button for that?

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