Pacing for a century using FTP %

I have used it in the past but it’s been a while. I have manually done everything for the past couple of years so it’s more or less a habit now for me. I manually start/pause/stop training rides, workouts, races, charity events, etc.

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Haha… Got it. Good feedback. I will check on that :+1:

Do you recall if there was any issue that made you want to stop using it? I can relate to the habit of doing it manually, since I do that myself, but the option of having the unit doing this without me thinking about it sounds tempting. However, I want to be sure it’s a good move. If you were using it before and then stopped using it, there might have been a reason…?

@dlridings has a good point about slow climbs. Plenty of those in my area when I’m trying to stay in zone 2 but I can’t recall such an issue. There were some events where I would roll up or walk to the start line and realized that my computer was recording because auto-start triggered recording. It’s easy to crop events for such things but an annoyance nonetheless.

It’s really a preference of telling something when to record data versus meeting some conditions to do so.

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I asked Wahoo Tech Support about auto-pause recently (note, NOT start/stop the ride but pause/unpause), and they told me that the settings for it cannot be customized at this time, and that it’s set to activate as soon as the bike computer senses zero speed.

In my practical experience with the ELEMNT and Bolt (I always use it), that can take anywhere between one to three seconds after I stop, and it has never auto-paused at an incorrect time.

How long of a break are you talking about? The argument/time floated around the wattage group is time enough to eat burrito and for it to settle, otherwise auto-pause & smart recording (Garmin) will inflate your NP. The TSS may or may not be higher depending on how much time is trimmed. The recommendation is not doing it unless the ride actually reflect separate activities.

5:24:09 moving/6:09:12 total & IF of 0.807 on relative flat century w/ 3,220’ gain. First 24 miles I was in a group, mostly solo middle, and in a group for the last 20.

12:19:06 moving/13:09:37 total & IF of 0.638 on a relatively flat double (actually 193.8 mi) w/ 4,373’ gain. Mostly solo except last ~30 miles. (Was in much worst shape than the century above.)

That would certainly be annoying. I guess I’ll just keep doing it manually. Yes, it’s one more thing to think about but since I’ve always done it, I guess is not going to be a significant cognitive stressor to lose my sleep over. Thanks for your time and all your feedback @Trippy

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Hey Brendan, how many riders can sustain their Ramp Test FTP estimation for 1 hour? I doubt that I can but I haven’t tried. I’m too focused on my P-T training and fear that 60 minutes at FTP would cost me a training week that I feel I can’t afford.

So when you suggest 65-70% of FTP for a century+ ride are you basing that on TR Ramp Test (or 8min or 20min abbrev test) or an actual 60 minute test?

And then road FTP always feels higher than say indoor tested FTP, would you agree?

On my 90miler on Saturday my IF was just under 71% based on a NP of 70 % I think; my average power was only 61% though, that felt very comfortable. Id some times go over and other times under. I’d be around 80% for turns on the front but way under in the group (I never actually looked then just rode), until the short sharp end climb when I broke away at just over 90% if Strava is to be believed (a minute of that was at a relatively comfortable 123% until I broke the last rider.

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i’m not sure about the Ramp > hour, but my guess is not many. Not that it is a bad thing, I just don’t think it’s feasible for many, but not really needed for man either! 1h power is great, but most racing doesn’t demand that of us.

hee hee, there is the issue, right? when we say “65-70% FTP” it shouldn’t matter where we got it from, it’s the “correct” FTP. By asking which test we use, it inherently means one of them is flawed. No?

I don’t ride indoors so can’t accurately comment on that, but yes, back in the day when I did (in upstate NY), indoor watts were much harder to push, but mainly because trainers were not great, and this is changing with smart trainers.

people were just chatting about this in the Discord, swing thru if you’re looking for an added avenue of bike chatter!

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Hi Brendan and thanks for your reply… I’ve never used discord before… so if you could point me to the server/chat where the cycling chatter about FTP is I would appreciate that. Any discord tips for that matter…

I am “jus2deep” in discord

You make a good point and I guess I am saying abbreviated FTP tests are flawed, but I am not complaining. The fact that outdoor feels easier is great.

My goal is to complete some DCs (double centuries that are still on my list. I’ve completed 8 with inconsistent road training. I wanna see how well I do with pure stationary training (u know, data-driven). My only complaint is boredom (Netflix solves that) and sore butt from a rigid bike.

It will be a nearly flat, century ride and mostly to test my progress.

I am gonna test out riding at 65-70% of a 216 guesstimated ftp or try to keep my heartrate near AeT which was about 122bpm. Thats what I was googling when I came across the TR posts including yours.

I follow you in Strava… you are a very strong rider.

I am planning to ride the Davis Double in May.

Thank you,



Team Coconuts, right? Your Strava is quiet, doing secret training huh?

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whoa, you are doing DC on a stationary bike!?!?!

just dont overthink the numbers too much!!! FTP 216…its never that precise, and going by bpm is hard because HR is fickle and affected by many factors.

Discord is here: Cycling Training & Racing p/b EVOQ

I saw this video on youtube for pacing for a 5K, I’m thinking of using this concept to pace myself for my upcoming events. I think the strategy can be used to pace yourself for cycling.

  1. Start % below target FTP for event
  2. Work up to target FTP during
  3. Go beyond FTP closer to the finish

That is the summation of the video.

5K Pacing Strategy

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No not doing any DC on a trainer… just training for a DC on a trainer…

I will search for you on discord. Thank you.

Hey Brian… not secret training but contemplative. The training I used to do was not conducive to my consistency and sustainability. From a long hiatus, I started training in March of '21. I discovered polarized training 2 years ago but could not figure out how to implement it. My closest Coconuts club mate believes in sweet spot training, and says that my P-T will be very slow and time consuming vs his proven system. We will see. But I am glad to be back on the bike in what I feel to be optimal and sustainable training.

I plan to do Davis Double '22 weather & God permitting. Maybe see you there if you are planning to complete your jersey rides.

You seem to be very consistent, and I on the other hand am starting from scratch.

Nice to hear from you friend and thanks for sharing the memory.

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My NP as a % of FTP is always way higher than my ave. pwr. So for example: 5 hour gravel ride I did last weekend:

  • IF = 0.79
  • Ave. Pwr / FTP = 58%
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Glad you enjoyed the pm with the Davis Double selfie you took of us, it was great running into Eric G and you after Lake Berryessa climb. You are right to focus on consistency and sustainability, and as you can see from my Strava I’ve found consistency outside. To do that I’ve dialed down the intensity, sometimes I look back at CF hammerfest century rides and wonder how I did at LOL.

I’m definitely planning to do Davis next year, and hope for good weather, no double flats coming into Winters, and no 100+ degree heat on Resurrection Pass! You were such an inspiration for me that year, I should have done 3 doubles and snagged the jersey. I still remember you and George (RIP) doing a practice double up Old Foresthill Road. And your Coconuts ride up to French Meadows and Hell Hole Reservoirs was epic! Memories.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via PM if you want to talk training, or go for a ride.


If you want to simulate that and have a smart trainer, try RGT Cycling. I need to revised my Davis DC route and scale back the smoothing to make it more realistic. I do plan to do that indoors before the real event next year. Let me know if you want the route codes (broken up to 35-45 mile blocks).

I did the Foxy’s Fall Century last week indoors to avoid getting too much flak from DW.

0.767 IF, 1.093 VI, 5:43:30 moving & 5:59:21 total.

It’s a bit slower than the actual event I did 5 years ago and felt about right (as far as power to speed, indoor and out). I think the IF might be slightly high but not much (I plan to retest next week and hoping for a slight bump, this week is a rest week).

If you were on the 2019 Davis DC we might have crossed path. I was behind the Coconut train until the first rest stop and decide to fold it because I wasn’t fully recover from my cold. Luckily it was way before the rain got started. Hope to see you in 2022.

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I got a late start that morning of Davis 2019… I caught my Coconuts at Rest-Stop 1. They really wanted me to join them but I bailed and did the century route called Dunnigan Hills and I beat the rain. Glad I did, cuz the Coconut train was miserably cold caught in that hellishly cold storm. Good thing you bailed too.

Sure send me the ride for that double let and I will check it out.

Thank you.