Pacing a reverse sprint triathlon

Hi all,

It’s not even a C race, but I’m curious.

I have a charity triathlon entirely within the gym on Saturday. They’re running it backwards, (5k treadmill Run, 20k wattbike bike, 750m pool swim) and not including transition times…

It’s for fun, but as my buddy set it up and there will be people who know me, I’m under a little pressure to ‘perform’ and win a beer.

I’ve trained TR on these wattbikes so I’m confident they are similar enough to my powermeter, so no need to be concerned about FTP although of course there are no fans.

Given no course or racing elements, a year ago my 10TT was 24:45 (10 mile/16k) so I’m thinking I can do a flat 20k in about 30mins.

So I’m thinking the question can be narrowed to what percentage of FTP can I expect to hold for half an hour after a flat out 5k run?




That’s gonna be one sweaty swimming pool!

Have a great time and hopefully you can enjoy it, despite the pressure

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