30ish Minute TT this weekend - help me set power targets

I’m doing the bike leg of a triathlon relay on Saturday. It’s at Daytona Speedway, so it’s as flat as can be. It’s reported to be 12.4 miles, so I’m guessing I should cover it in about 30 minutes.

My question is, how would you pace it? I’m thinking of starting at 95% FTP for the first 10 minutes. Then increasing to 100% and then 105%, respectively at 10 min intervals. Does that sound like a solid plan, or not so much?

Let me know what you guys suggest. I’ve done plenty of Triathlons, but this is the first time that I’m essentially doing a true TT without needing anything left in the tank.

How confident are you in your ability to do 30 min at 100%?

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that seems reasonable, you definitely want some left in the tank, and don’t start to hard. Get up to speed and focus on your breathing; dont get overly excited or anxious. I think you could do 97% though, then 100%, then crush the end.

wrote this post about it as well https://www.evoq.bike/blog/2019/4/11/how-to-pace-a-time-trial-in-cycling

Good luck!!!

Is wind a factor? (Atmospherically speaking)

is the course known? Plug it into bestbikesplit