Powertap P1 - right pedal only. Can you scale power on the app?

Hello there.
I am looking a some second hand powertap p1 pedals but seems left pedal is broken and unrepairable.
The right pedal works though.
Is there any way to scale the power by 100% for that pedal in the app?

David, I would be very wary here.

I’m a P1 user and everything I understand about the pedals is that the left pedal is required (certainly is if you plan to use BT and I’m 95% sure the same applies for ANT+) because the right pedal merely sends its data to the left for onward transmission to your head unit/ phone.


I think the seller is not lying. I have read somewhere that its pedal sends its data independently through BLE.

Would you mind checking for me if the app has power correction % for each pedal?

I know the favero assioma app has this option but don’t know with the P1.

Many thanks in advance.

There is nothing in the TR App (it will only pair with the left pedal via BLE and ANT+). You are able to pair the pedals individually with the Rouvy App for firmware updates but power always comes from the left. From the PT support page:

When battery life reaches 20%, the P1 pedals will send a low battery flag to your head unit, which should help prevent complete loss of battery by warning you ahead of time. If the right pedal battery dies, the left pedal will double its output to create a power reading. If the left battery dies, there will be no power reading.



With ANT+ the pedals are connected to each other in a master/slave relationship. The pedal that serves as the master, the left in our case, connects to the display device as well as the slave pedal and does the lion’s share of the work.

For BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart) each pedal is paired individually to the display device and it is up to the display to combine the two power values. If a display device does not have the ability to pair to two individual power sensors (most do not) a user will see ½ power. Unless that display device has some built in smarts to double the value when only one pedal based power meter is connected


This implies one should be able to connect the right in isolation but I’ve never seen it appear in the TR App. If you could get it to pair (and TR treats it the same as a left pedal) it will show a doubled power.

Thanks…i think i better off with the two pedals working.

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By the way what about in the PowerTap P1 app (sram now)? Anywhere three where you could double the power?

I’m an Android user so can’t get the App unfortunately (not that I’m aware of anyway). I have Rouvy purely to manage my pedals.

This - or go find a single sided new. Not sure the $s at stake here - but this is one piece that going bottom budget on won’t really save in the long run.

FWIW I’ve had a 1 sided garmin vector for quite a while. always think next time I’ll go for a dual sided but honestly I’ll just be looking for best price/new/fits my bike when its time to upgrade.

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