P-Handle or T-Handle Hex Wrenches

Which do you prefer, and why?

(Pictures are for reference only)

Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at 8.00.49 PM

Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at 8.01.04 PM

P / Arthritis

Neither? I can’t say I’ve ever used either type. I just use the standard “L” type.


In general I prefer P handles but some T handles are OK. I think it’s because the big plastic handle provides better grip, especially when using the long leg.

Also, any T handle that isn’t fixed (the top of the T slides) is unusable and should be disposed of immediately.

T, spinner sleeve, adjusts to get in awkward spaces.

I mostly use the standard L type wrenches (and a torque wrench, of course), but for installing/adjusting the disc brake calibers a P type wrench is better.

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The long end on the P handle wrenches is rounded. So only good for loose turning of the wrench. T handle are not rounded. Plus the one end has extra bite for bolts you rounded out with a rounded wrench end.

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Tri-Y guy here, then L type.

If I was shopping for a handled type it would be T for no other reason than they look higher end even if plastic is fine in this application.

I do have some “P”-Handle snap on torx ones which I like but only seem to use when I can’t locate the same size screwdriver type.

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L-type because it’s what I bought first and the set is easy to travel with. Haven’t had a need for another style.


gotta have both :slight_smile: T-Handles are better for hard to reach places, since no ball end on the longer side, can easily loosen bolts, P-Handle are usually a little bit more comfortable to hold.

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