Overcooked Molten Speedwax

Long story short, I unknowingly plugged in my chain wax crock pot, and then my MSW cooked on high for six days straight.

The color changed from that gray/white to a “dehydrated pee yellow”.

Should this be tossed and replaced with fresh wax, and write it off in the “could have been worse” category; or good to go?

Well it’s not going to damage the your chain. Try it out and report back!

On the off chance it works better than normal, you can sell it as your own: George’s Super Secret Dehydrated Pee.


Throw it away. The paraffin has degraded.


Better than the alternative of burning down my garage floor! Thanks.

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Ah yes, possible fire danger. Toss it.

Will have to wait patiently for the next billion dollar idea.