Chain waxing pot

I’m thinking of joining the wax chain cult, I was going to buy a crockpot but somebody suggested to me I could use a small “wax warmer” that are used in spas for melting wax for legs, backs etc this seems logical. Has anyone tried this?

Don’t know much about spa stuff, but crock pots are $5 at goodwill :slight_smile:


There’s no reason to buy anything other than a crockpot from goodwill.

Mine was $3 for a small one which is perfect. The big ones run you $5 if you’re waxing a ton of chains at once.

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+1 for your local thrift store

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Even if you go to Target they are only about $12 new.

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Are ya’ll using a crockpot to remove the old wax when cleaning it for a new application? If not, how are your removing the remnants of the previous application?




If not too dirty I just wipe the chain and toss it in the crockpot. This is the case most of the time.

If it’s “dirty” then I boil it in an old pot (50¢ at goodwill) to get the wax and dirt off.


same as @DingleTower

not dirty, it just goes back in the pot

dirty, rinse it with boiling water or boil it in a pot of water


just went to goodwill and bought one for $5! great suggestion

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I use a fondue pot. 3 bucks at the thrift.
Melts wax in minuets, and has temp control.

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I use a small crackpot. Takes an hour to heat up. I soak and shake chain in acetone and mineral spirits mix followed by acetone only. I have a stack of neodymium magnets that I drop into wash solutions to clean out the magnetic stuff–which is pretty much everything on the road bike chain. Wax stays clean. I add ptfe powder to wax. I think it was 1.5 micron size.

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